World Gone By 9/27

75 years ago, September 27, 1937

• No! A thousand times, no! Or perhaps Frank McNeil of the Quinault Hotel believes it is a million times.

But in any event, the answer is definitely negative. There is nothing he can do about it.

Mr. McNeil has been bombarded by innumerable requests for table reservations in the dining room of the Quinault during the time President Roosevelt is lunching here Friday. But he has had to turn a deaf ear to all.

Under instructions from the Secret Service the dining room will be closed during the time it is occupied by the president and his party of officials and correspondents and will not be opened to anyone else until after the president retires from the hall.

Guests of the hotel will be served later.

50 years ago, September 27, 1962

• David Ludwig of Queests Ave., Hoquiam, a devoted fisherman and hunter, found himself considered “fair game” this morning by reckless gunmen who presumably, like himself, were after bear.

He said he heard sounds “like passing bees,” heard six shots and made out a car halted on a road near the skyline of a hill about 600 yards away. “I got down real low to the ground and ran as fast from there as I could,” Ludwig said. “If you ever hear those bullets once, you never forget what they sound like.”

Ludwig intends to keep on hunting. He killed two bear last Sunday, he said.

• The problem of objectionable movies and what to do about them was aired at last night’s City Council session when Councilman Timothy Moriarty disclosed he had received a number of calls from irate Aberdeen residents.

Councilman Prosper Ostrowski produced some clippings of theater advertisements to point out the type of movies being shown of late at the theaters.

On the other side of the fence, Councilman Walt Bebich asserted it was up to the parents to “keep their kids home” from objectionable movies but not to tell other people what they can see.

25 years ago, September 27, 1987

• Jim Pierce, who has a sheet metal shop in Montesano, is a bottle collector.

“I must have started digging bottles in 1962 or ’63.” He says logging camps produce the best bottles. “It’s the old whiskey bottles that we were after,” he said. “They are usually the most valuable.”

“If the seam stops somewhere at the neck then it was made by hand. If the seam goes all the way to the top, it’s not worth anything.”

• Twice a week, 94-year-old Kathryn Jones dons her swim suit, tickles a toe in the water, then plunges into the pool for her “aquacise” workout at Harbor Health Club in Aberdeen.

But she’s not club’s oldest fitness enthusiast.

Ninety-eight-year-old Vic Sather works out for two hours and 15 minutes, three times a week. He lifts a few weights, joins the water exercise class at the pool then heads for the sauna.

“These are two people who are almost 100 years old and they still work out,” maveled Linda Coonse, club receptionist.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.