In 1937, Aberdeen’s Hume Street is now State Street, covering disrepute stigma

75 years ago, December 30, 1937

• A pioneer name was erased last night when the city council, on petition of property owners, changed the designation of Hume Street, named after the city’s first canneryman, to State Street.

Once one of the city’s principal streets and the early day center of business activity, the lower end of Hume Street in later days has fallen into disrepute. Property owners in asking the name change, asserted the old name cast a stigma on children in the residential end and lowered property values,

• Sheriff Jeff Bartell was summoned before the state medical board in Seattle Tuesday for a physical examination as result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident on the Simpson Avenue Bridge a year ago.

An effort was made to X-ray the sheriff. Bartell carries 265 pounds of muscle and bone and after several unsuccessful attempts to penetrate his interior the attending surgeons decided to abandon the task and have him appear at the Swedish Hospital in Seattle where they have the most powerful X-ray machine in the state.

“The Swedish Hospital X-ray will penetrate an elephant, they told me,” the sheriff commented, “so I am going there and line up with the jumboes. If that machine doesn’t get inside me, guess I will ask them to use an axe.”

50 years ago, December 30, 1962

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago, December 30, 1987

• More than $40,000 worth of property has gone up in smoke this year because of chimney firs, said Hoquiam Assistant Chief Del Pelan. So on Jan 1, they’ll begin loaning chimney sweep brushes to residents.

Along with free, 24-hour use of the brushes will come a complete set of directions for safe and proper cleaning to get rid of creosote build-up, said firefighter Brian Mundy, who organized the program.

• Top 10 U.S. events for 1987: 1. Iran-Contra hearings shake administration; 2. Stock market plunges; 3. Reagan and Gorbachev meet at summit; 4. United States involved in Persian Gulf violence; 5. Senate rejects Bork for Supreme Court — Ginsburg withdraws; 6. Scandals rock TV ministry; 7. Hart and Biden withdraw from presidential race; 8. AIDS virus spreads; 9. Airplane crashes in Detroit and Denver; 10. Jessica McClure rescued from well.

• Ocosta Wildcats cruised past cold-shooting South Bend, 62-46, Tuesday night in a non-league basketball game.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.