In 1937, five Coast Guardsmen receive Congressional Gold Medals

75 years ago, October 14, 1937

• The first downtown pep rally of the year is planned tonight by students of Aberdeen High School, Victor Pavletich of the yell staff, said this morning.

The rally will start at 7:30 sharp at the high school and the students led by the school band under direction of Mark Freshman will serpentine through downtown streets. Several stops are planned on important street corners where the band will play school songs and the yell leaders headed by Yell King Peter Clark will lead the cheers.

• Five brave men lined the Onondaga’s newly-scoured decks today to receive the highest peacetime honor America bestows upon her citizens. Congressional Gold Medals were presented to Boatswain H.J. Persson, officer in charge of the Westport Coast Guard station, Motor Mechanics R.I. Anderson and J.W. Mathews, and Surfmen R. N. Woods and D.E. Hamalainen for their heroic rescue May 8 of 21 men from the storm battered steamer, Trinidad, at the mouth of Willapa Harbor.

50 years ago, October 14, 1962

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago, October 14, 1987

• The $9 million West Hoquiam truck bypass project will enter its final phase next spring and project engineer John Hart is hopeful the 2 1/2 mile spur will be complete by next October.

The state project connects Highway 101 to Highway 109 and will allow log trucks to travel from 109 north to the Bowerman industrial area, bypassing the Emerson Avenue.

• The proposed 8th Street fishing pier project will have a new look when Hoquiam makes its pitch for state funding this week.

“We’ve added another dock,” parks director Jim Ballew told the council Monday.

With the additional dock, there would be more fishing and a dozen boats under 20 feet could dock there, Ballew said.

• Montesano and Ocosta retained their positions at the top of the West Cowlitz volleyball pack with three-game road victories Tuesday.

The unbeaten Bulldogs prevailed at Tenino while the once-beaten Wildcats topped Rochester.

Shelley Travers and Kristi Leithold turned in outstanding all-around performances, according to winning coach Denise Fitch, as the Bulldogs easily handed the Beavers, previously just once-beaten in league play.

After struggling in the first two games at Rochester, Ocosta blew the Warriors away on the third game as Jennifer Brockhoff served all 15 points.

While citing Brockhoff and Wendy Harrow for their customary fine performances, Wildcat coach Betty Harrow also noted the play of three freshmen, Ronel Heibig, Heidi Bodwell and Ericka Newton.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.