In 1987, Bushwacker salon hosts “Hair-O-Thon” to benefit Food Ball

75 years ago, November 18, 1937

• After a few trial shipments, the Harbor Plywood corporation, tomorrow will import a real “jag” of California redwood for processing in its plant here. The coastwise steamer Astoria will arrive with something like 450,000 board feet of redwood logs from Humboldt Bay. The logs will be discharged at the port terminal and moved directly to the mill at the head of slip No. 2.

The redwood is select stock and will be used fo r veneers.

• In Aberdeen, each Tuesday night or afternoon, many mothers of Navy boys hear, by proxy, the roar of the war which perils their sons daily.

A letter from Eugene Meeker, son of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Meeker, was shared recently at the Navy Mothers’ club meeting.

Meeker’s ship picked up nationals at Tsingtao, Chefoo and Tientsin, landing them at Yokohama. They transported more than 600 refugees through five days of raging storm. Practically all the “guests” were women and children, and had to make the best of cabin accommodations designed for a maximum of 116 persons.

Meeker sent a collection of ghastly pictures along with his letter.

50 years ago, november 18, 1962

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago, November 18, 1987

• One drug suspect couldn’t stomach being arrested.

Patrol officers spotted two people in a car outside a tavern last night “engaging in activities normally associated with drug use.” They watched the suspects for a time and moved in after another car arrived.

After advising the suspects of their rights, one seemed to be strangely quiet. They soon discovered that he had swallowed some “crack.” He was taken to the Community Hospital emergency room where measures were taken to remove the drugs from his stomach. Officers said he had also inserted drugs in his anus and that evidence was removed as well.

• The Bushwacker hair styling salon in Hoquiam will have its sixth annual charity “Hair-O-Thon” Sunday with all proceeds to the Food Ball campaign.

Dorothy Cook, co-owner of the salon and a newly elected city council member, said she along with Sidney Dudley and Chris Pierce will cut hair from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The price will be $7.50 and no appointments will be taken.

• It was a rough afternoon for the Miller Junior High School girls eighth grade basketball team. Not only did they lose their after-school game but two students were rushed to Grays Harbor Community Hospital by fire department paramedics.

Dorothy Obi, 15 was accidentally kicked in the stomach. She was treated in the emergency room.

A few minutes later, Janet Reed fell and broke her lower arm in two places. She was to undergo surgery.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.