Aberdeen reviving crime watch group

The Aberdeen Police Department is looking for a few good volunteers for their crime watch program.

The first step is to find a volunteer coordinator, preferably with law enforcement experience and organizational skills, to help reorganize the watch program and screen nine volunteers, said Records Supervisor Wayne Schmidt.

Volunteers contribute work hours to the APD, and are asked to do vacation, business and welfare checks. They are often asked to help distribute sex offender and wanted posters, to help staff large events, help “direct people, but not traffic,” and conduct tours of the department, Schmidt confirmed. They also monitor designated disabled parking spaces for violators.

Though in the past, Crime Watch volunteers were given jackets, which cost around $75 each, in these times of cost cutting, that may not be provided, Schmidt said. He will supervise the program.

The watch program, in place for years, has been dormant of late. Chief Bob Torgerson decided to revive the program and lower the age requirement from 50 to 21 to attract more people. Volunteers must be “of good moral character, free of felony convictions and be from the Aberdeen address area or have direct ties to the community,” the recruiting poster says.

Applicants will be given a background check, fingerprinted and trained. Feel free to mention any specific talents, Schmidt said.

Volunteers will not receive benefits or have any of the labor relation rights of a city employee and serve “at will” for Torgerson, who can dismiss them with cause or without it.

For an application, call 360-533-3180.