Author to speak at Ocean Shores Lions

Award winning Author David Wermuth, who has written several articles for various newspapers/magazines and his autobiography “Suddenly Blind” published in 2012 will speak at the Ocean Shores Lions meeting at noon on Thursday, March 14.

Wermuth was born in Everett in 1962. He grew up as, in his words, “an Air Force brat” and endured many years of child abuse. He lost his sight at the age of 32 as a direct result of his father’s actions. He became “Suddenly Blind” in 1995. After graduating from the University of Washington/Tacoma in 2002, he worked as a rehabilitation teacher for the blind for several years.

“Suddenly Blind” is his true life story about child abuse, relationship issues and, as he put it, “the challenges and laughs of living in total darkness.”

Wermuth speaks at conferences around the USA with his wife Holly and their guide dogs, Bingo and Oreo.

He said, “I will be signing books and will have them available for $16, a portion of which will go to the Lions. I am quite frankly happy to be coming home even if it’s only for a couple weeks.”

Everyone is invited to the event at the OS Lions Club Hall, 832, Ocean Shores Blvd.