Big effort going into finding lost cat’s owners from Elma

A Puget Sound cat rescue group is going to an extraordinary effort to try to reunite a lost cat found in the Elma area with its missing owners.

Community Cat Outreach, a group that traps, spays and neuters feral cats, trapped a cat at the Travel Inn RV Park in Elma this past February that belonged to a couple who had been camping there in an RV two to three years ago. When the cat was trapped, two people in the RV park immediately recognized the black cat as belonging to the former couple, Bennett said. She says the cat’s name is Maddy.

“They had spent a year looking for the cat and trying to catch her with no luck,” says Lisa Bennett with Community Cat Outreach. “Unfortunately, the cat is not microchipped and the park no longer has the flier the couple left behind. …

“We have been told the couple may live in the Seattle area but their son lived in Montesano at the time the cat disappeared and may still be in the area,” she added.

Last week, Bennett traveled from her home in the DuPont area to Elma with hopes of either tracking down the owners themselves or someone that may know the owners or may still have the old flyer with their contact information.

“We met some nice local folks and were able to post about 25 or so flyers,” she said. “We checked with three feed and seed stores, a groomer, two vet offices, the Elma Chamber of Commerce, plus both of the RV parks, but no one remembered this couple. I have searched the online archives of several papers, as well as lost-and-found pet websites with no luck.”

Bennett said she recently joined an RV forum and also reached out to the Good Sam Club, an RV group, for some help.

“We have decided to give it about a month or so, and if no luck, then we will look to place the cat for adoption,” she said.

“She is really sweet and very scared, and after being on her own for several years outside, we are working with her to re-socialize her so she is used to human contact again. She will require a special home willing to continue working with her.”

To help, call (360) 292-9401. They’ve set up a Facebook page, where other cat groups are pitching in to help, at