Birthing class starts March 5

Amy Murphy will lead a six-week series of childbirth classes beginning Tuesday, March 5. Classes meet every week at 6:30 p.m. in Room 2255 at Grays Harbor College.

“Get answers to your questions: Childbirth classes provide an easy resource of information and knowledge to get your questions answered. It is easier and much quicker than gathering all the information on your own,” said Murphy.

“Get a better idea of what to expect: When you know what to expect you will be better prepared to embrace the experience of birth rather than being caught off guard when your birth begins. Classes can help to reconfirm your own beliefs and make you more confident with your choices.

“Learn about you and your baby’s options: Classes include you and your baby’s options for pregnancy, birth and postpartum so you will be able to make informed choices.

“Learn Helpful tools, tips and techniques to use: Including the most effective birth positions and relaxation techniques to help you have a more comfortable birth.”

One can sign up at the college or call 532-8631. Classes are $60 for the series or free with medical coupons or on a sliding fee schedule.