Births 3/18

Community Hospital

To Jennifer and Will Penoyar, South Be nd, Feb. 27, a son, Arthur Lee.

To Nichole Fruen and Brady Erickson, Elma, Feb. 28, a daughter, Riverly Rea.

To Kathi and Brian Schlessler, Cosmopolis, Feb. 28, a son, Eron Robert.

To Nicole Rasmussen and Jason Lynch, Elma, Feb. 28, a son, Rykur LeeJack.

To Jamie Deatherage and Jesse Kelley, Hoquiam, March 2, a son, Jonathan James.

To Brittany Murphy and Jacob Hawkes, Hoquiam, March 2, a daughter, Tessah Cheyanne.

To Shannon and Adam Barre, Aberdeen, March 3, a daughter, Madasonn Lou.

To Dallanira Zavala, Aberdeen, March 3, a son, Luis Xavier.

To Magali Valdovinos and Teodoro Sabalsa, Westport, March 4, a son, Tony Joel.