Lifeguard’s birthday surprise

Grays Harbor YMCA lifeguard John Larsen, center, had a unique surprise for his 60th birthday Monday: His siblings flew in from Germany and Indiana to surprise him at the pool. Instead of announcing themselves, they did laps until he noticed them.

“It was like 20 minutes. We all kept dropping little hints but he was just busy watching the pool and doing his job,” said Dottie Colwell of the Y. “At one point they were all standing at the end of the pool, and the aquatic director had to go over and say, ‘Don’t you know those people?’ “

When he realized, Larsen, laughed, covered his face, and his siblings and coworkers sang “Happy Birthday.” From left: Penny, Kim, John Larsen, Scott and Bill. Larsen became a lifeguard about six years ago after retiring from the Weyerhaeuser mill, Colwell said.