Looking Back

In front of City Transfer are various forms of conveyance that pounded the boards on the Harbor around 1910. From the left there’s a small fire wagon, then several moving “vans” (“pianos moved with care”), an ambulance, a shuttle bus, a cab and even a single rider on horseback. City Transfer was located at 721 K St. in Hoquiam where the old Hoquiam pool is, across from the Masonic Temple. This view is looking toward Emerson and the old Hoquiam library (opened in a converted house in 1909) can be seen in the center background at K and 7th. The plank street in front of City Transfer looks like it has bowed under the weight of the constant horse and wagon traffic. The photo was taken between 1909 and 1911. The library “house” was replaced by the Carnegie in 1911. If you have more information on this photo or others from this feature, visit www.jonesphotocollection.com and submit it via the website’s feedback form.