Muscular Distrophy shamrocks for sale

The annual Muscular Dystrophy Association’s “Shamrocks Against Dystrophy” is now in progress through March 17 at 10 local businesses. The donations are used to send kids with any of the 45 forms of MD to summer camp for one week. Each child has a personal counselor for their time there. It costs $800 per child.

You can purchase a green Shamrock for $1, yellow for $5, and platinum for $10 or more at the following locations.

Shamrocks are available in Hoquiam at The Grizzly Den, La Vogue Tullys, Levee Feed and Pet Supply, US Bank, The Welcome Inn and Swanson’s. Aberdeen businesses include Burger King, Lighthouse Drive-In, Southside Swanson’s and Techline.