Rotary giving dictionaries to fourth-graders

In an effort to improve reading ability and comprehension, the Aberdeen Rotary Club is giving dictionaries to every fourth grade student in the Aberdeen and Cosmopolis school districts and at St. Mary’s.

The purpose of the donation is to provide dictionaries to students to keep and to use as their own personal reference book. The dictionaries are being delivered by members of the Aberdeen Rotary Club Dec. 3 through Dec. 7.

“This is the fifth year that Aberdeen Rotary has provided dictionaries to all fourth graders,” said Liz Anderson, Aberdeen Rotary Club President. “It is part of our commitment to literacy as a national and international goal of Rotary. By providing this tool we assist teachers in making students active readers, good writers and creative thinkers,” Anderson added.

“Funding for this project comes from the proceeds of our annual auction, which is held each spring. We are grateful to those who generously support the auction and make projects like this possible.”

Distributions were scheduled on Monday at Robert Gray Elementary, Tuesday at Stevens Elementary and today at Central Park School. Additional distributions are set for Thursday at A.J. West Elementary and St. Mary’s School and Friday at Cosmopolis Elementary and McDermoth Elementary.