Today in History 12/4

75 years ago, December 3/4, 1937

• Proposal of Mayor Herbert Horrocks for an inter-city recreational center north of Cherry Street from Aberdeen’s city limits to 28th Street in Hoquiam received enthusiastic endorsement from numerous sources in the city today.

“If it can be put over and the baseball field lighted for night ball Grays Harbor would have a place in a real league in another year or two. The proposed location is central. It is a good idea and based on common sense,” said Earl Hulbert.

• Willapa Harbor was placed on the suspended list by the Pacific Coast Waterfront Employers association late yesterday until such time as the labor difficulty over the steam schooner Ryder Hanify is ironed out. The suspension means that no ships will be dispatched to Raymond until the trouble is settled.

The trouble involves a demand of the local stevedore union that its members handle mooring lines of steam schooners.

• It may not be streamlined or have all the new-fangled gadgets, but Hoquiam boasts a bicycle 30 or 35 years old which is still running and giving enjoyment to youngsters after passing through many kids.

Hoquiam had plank streets and Henry Milhofer was wearing knee pants when he was presented with his first bicycle. When Heinie outgrew the bike, it went to Jim Tannahill, Jr., who rode it until he, too, became too big. Then Jim Walker bought the bike, fixed it up a bit and gave it to his stepson, Douglas Abrams. It was passed along to Bert Pierson for his two sons, Tom and Charles, then to Bill Warren. Jim Walker took possession again for his daughter Ruth and when she outgrew the bike it was returned to Milhofer and his son is now riding it.

50 years ago, December 3/4, 1962

Anyone who thinks the job of a postal employee is strictly routine and slightly on the dull side, should talk to James C. McLean, who retired Friday after 35 years with the Aberdeen Post Office.

There’s the time a youngster gave him a garter snake that he slipped into his pocket and forgot about. Later when he was delivering a package to a housewife, he reached into his pocket for some change and pulled out the snake instead. The woman screamed and slammed the door in his face.

“For years,” Mac chuckled, “every time I saw that woman, she called me the snake man.”

Then there was the time he found a tiny little girl completely naked, scrambling up the steps into his truck. Turns out the toddler wandered away from her 6-year-old sister. It was pouring down rain but the little tyke didn’t mind a bit.

25 years ago, December 3/4, 1987

• It’ll be the new look Aberdeen Bobcats in boys’ basketball this fall, and the look will go far beyond their new traveling uniforms.

“We’re going to have a completely different style of play,” Randy Hancock, starting his eighth year as the Bobcat head man, said last week.

It isn’t so much last year’s 8-12 record that has wrought changes in Hancock’s strategy. It’s the Bobcats’ size or lack of it. The “aircraft carriers” Hancock has been accustomed to having in the center of his offense just aren’t there.

Brett Vance at one wing, Curt Chapin at point guard and Dylan Trivison on the inside are the three Bobcats most sure of starting berths. All are seniors and Trivison, at 6-3 is the only one of the trio over six feet.

• High School students should be sent the same message about sex as they are about drugs — “just say no” two Raymond teachers say.

Carol Nye and Bob Pattee have scheduled a town meeting Saturday night to discuss AIDS and sex education. They say that if students are told sex is not the answer to having a relationship and are instead taught to control themselves, young people wouldn’t be confronted with teen pregnancy, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

• The last person leaving Menlo tomorrow morning should turn out the lights, which is precisely what the Valley Vikings hope to do to their opponents before the party’s over at the Kingdome.

Everybody and his brother from Willapa Valley seems to be Seattle-bound to watch the unbeaten Vikings go for the state class B-11 football championship.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.