World Gone By 10/10

75 years ago, October 9/10, 1937

Sunday, no newspaper published

50 years ago, October 9/10, 1962

• Establishment of a million dollar Bishop Foundation for research and treatment of eye disorders was disclosed today by the founders, E.K. and Lillian Bishop of Aberdeen.

Bishop, retired Harbor industrialist and philanthropist, announced that the foundation — to be financed permanently through a trust fund — will be controlled entirely by a board of trustees.

• Dedication of the new Wishkah High School and elementary building and gym will take place tomorrow night. Lay Pastor Marcus Copeland of the Wishkah Community Church will give the invocation and the master of ceremonies will be Superintendent Thomas Davis. Guests of honor will include former Wishkah teachers Mrs. Harry McDougall and Mrs. George McKay.

• John Elwin of Hoquiam takes literally Job 29:15 — “I was eyes to the blind and feet was I to the lame.”

For the past four or five years he has worked almost daily collecting more than three freight carloads of scrap paper — and each carload has financed a “seeing eye dog” for some sightless person.

Now at work on his fourth carload, Elwin estimates it will take him about two years to gather the 40 tons of paper which will comprise the load.

25 years ago, October 9/10, 1987

• Cosmopolis native Andy Warber says he cried into a “pity pot” for almost three years — on and off ever since the auto accident that left him a paraplegic.

Now, he’s replaced that self-pity with a newfound eagerness to be his own boss.

Warber was injured in a roll-over accident in June of 1984. “It was one of those cases where the kids were drinking. I had a real bad drinking problem,” he said.

Now, for almost two years he’s been “clean and sober.” A bumper sticker on the back of his wheelchair says it all — “Sober but still crazy.”

In mid-August Warber was hired by the city’s water supervisor, Jerry Heth, to paint fire hydrants and Fire Chief Johnnie St. Louis asked him to paint the fire boxes.

Warber credits the “tough love” of paraplegic George Caldwell for his turn-around in attitude. The Westport man was Warber’s Babe Ruth baseball coach when he was in school. Now the two work out together at Harbor Health Club.

• The Aberdeen High School orchestra, bands and choirs are selling bright yellow buttons for $2 each to support the school’s music programs.

The button, designed by orchestra director Don Jensen, doubles as a season pass to the six music concerts scheduled this year. Half the profits will go directly to the music department and half to the Bobcat Music Booster, according to Lonnie Wild who picked up the second shipment of 1,000 buttons Friday.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.