World Gone By 10/19

In 1987, Supreme Court Justice Dolliver speaks at dedication of new Ocosta school

75 years ago, October 19, 1937

• Jim Murphy, who lives at south Montesano, is a hard sleeper, according to the sheriff’s office, which is investigating a report by Murphy that some bridge work was stolen out of his mouth while he was asleep Saturday night.

“My mouth was sore when I woke up and that is how I missed the bridge,” he told the sheriff. He also reported $43 in cash stolen.

Murphy has been employed for many years by the Clemons branch of the Weyerhaeuser Timber company.

• A pall of gloom hung over the Bobcat coaching staff today following a slip-shod workout by the team yesterday as it went through a workout for the crucial Longview tilt Friday night.

The Bobcats hit a new low for bad form. Coach Graham reported the players were not thinking, the plays were not clicking, the pass defense was weak and tackles and blockers were making half-hearted attempts to get their men.

50 years ago, October 19, 1962

• With its regular “run” already exhausted, The Aberdeen World today reprinted the first and second pages of the October 13 edition, the one covering the great storm of the night before.

An almost unprecedented demand developed for the Saturday issue — so many people wanted to keep it as a souvenir or to mail it to friends and relatives.

Copies may be obtained without charge at The Aberdeen World.

• Logging crews will be able to salvage most of the timber downed by winds last Friday on Weyerhaeuser company’s northwest tree farms, George H. Weyerhaeuser, executive vice president, said today. He said a major share of the hardest hit areas are adjacent to an extensive system of logging roads built on Weyerhaeuser tree farms in the past several years.

25 years ago, October 19, 1987

• Public education for all. That’s justice, according to the justice.

James Dolliver of the state Supreme Court addressed a crowd of about 300 proud taxpayers during dedication ceremonies Sunday for the new Ocosta School.

Dolliver said he was impressed with the new red and gray school — fittingly, he dubbed it “cranberry” color. It features elaborate computer and woodshop facilities, plus energy efficient heating and lighting systems.

The citizens in the Ocosta School District may be small in number, but “you’re the ones who are paying the taxes, and you ought to be thanked,” Mr. Justice Dolliver said. “An education does not give happiness but it guarantees the right to pursuit of happiness. The people of the Ocosta School District have given the students a fuller life. They’re training and teaching them … and they’ve given them the greatest gift … self-governing.”

• Ocosta’s Steve Quinby set a school record of 18:28 for the three-mile Twin Harbor State Park cross country course Thursday.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.