World Gone By 11/16

75 years ago, November 16, 1937

The skill and daring of two young members of the Hoh tribe saved John L. Northup, Jefferson county district road foreman from possible death in the raging lower Hoh River during the recent storm.

Northup was coming down the flooded stream inspecting log jams than might throw the current against and wash out the county road. In one dangerous spot he was unable to touch bottom with his pole. A paddle was useless. The canoe whirled under a projecting log and was crushed, throwing Northup into the roaring stream.

The current swept him close to a small island where he finally touched bottom and crawled out. He found himself marooned with the water coming higher every minute.

He was able to attract the attention of some folks on the road overlooking the river, and Perry Pullens was able to launch a light canoe into the stream. Two young men, using 15-foot poles angled the craft across the stream, finally picking Northup from the island.

50 years ago, november 16, 1962

• Expansion of tree farming into hundreds of thousands of acres since establishment of the Clemons tree farm at Montesano in 1941 was noted Tuesday night at a McCleary-sponsored banquet honoring Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Zuagg as “Grays Harbor Conservation Farmers of 1962.”

The Zuaggs operate a 190-acre farm with 30 acres in hay and pasture and 160 in tree farm production.

• Piling up 20 to 0 first half margin, Aberdeen’s rampaging Bobcats grabbed their second successive SWW Conference championship by overpowering Kelso’s Hilanders 27-0 on a muddy Stewart Field last night.

Aberdeen’s Gold Dust Twins, Gary Langhans and Bob Oar enjoyed another banner night in pacing the Bobcats to their seventh straight victory of the season.

25 years ago, november 16, 1987

• From wagon train days to a corner grocery in Hoquiam, Dora Josephine Wood has many more than a 100 memories.

She has known hardship and heartache, but a lot of happiness, too. Last Thursday she celebrated her 100th birthday at Grays Harbor Convalescent Center, surrounded by friends and family.

One of six children born to an impoverished farmer in Iowa, her mother died at 41 and the family trekked to the Oklahoma Territory in a wagon train. Years later, she and her husband, Charles, arrived in Hoquiam, worked at many jobs including bookkeeper, clerk and in canneries and finally in 1926 established West End Grocery at the corner of Emerson Avenue and L Street in Hoquiam.

• Aberdeen senior Angela Selberg captured the 100 freestyle Saturday in Olympia to garner the only individual title by a Harborite at the Southwest Washington prep swimming meet. She also anchored two AHS relay teams to second places.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.