World Gone By 1/16

75 years ago, January 16, 1938

Sunday, no newspaper published

50 years ago, January 16, 1963

• While the freeway moves slowly westward, a group of civic-minded men is attempting to decide on a route which a consensus of area residents feels will be most beneficial to Grays Harbor County.

The general outline of the alignment under discussion at a meeting last night was: Coming west from Montesano, the freeway would follow the present highway to the vicinity of Linkshire. Keeping that elevation, it would cross the swamp area to a spot at the northwest corner of Cosmopolis. A bridge would cross the Chehalis River there, with a connection on the north side of the bridge to give access to Junction City and a connection on the south side for access to Cosmopolis and the Aberdeen-Raymond highway.

The freeway would cross south Aberdeen about at Farrell Street, then rise to about 45 feet for another bridge across the Chehalis. The north bank end of the bridge would be in the vicinity of Division Street with an interchange giving access to the industrial district west of it and using an extension of the present one-way grid to downtown Aberdeen.

• “Truly a city of light and glass.” That is how Kathy Murphy, 18 of Aberdeen, describes Mexico City in a letter to her parents.

Kathy, who is a sophomore at the U of W is attending Mexico City College for the winter quarter.

Buildings are a mass of color and lights. In the parks are fountains and every tree is covered with special displays.

“However,” she continues, “the filth is incredible in places. Constantly (people) are begging, especially in front of the cathedral.”

25 years ago, January 16, 1988

• Sitting in their comfy and cozy living room, surrounded by heirlooms of the early 1900s, Hoquiam sisters Frances Jukes, 85, and Marion Taft, 87, know they are at home.

In fact the home on Karr Avenue has been home of four generations of their family and two more generations were here to visit and share in the rich family history this past week.

The two sisters have lived in the same Hoquiam residence since childhood and have been together for nearly 75 years.

This past week marked the first time Jukes’ 16-month-old grandson, Eric, had visited.

• The Bank of Grays Harbor has moved. The former Realty World building on Chance A la Mer Boulevard was gutted, rebuilt inside and then opened as a symbol of the bank’s commitment to stay on the beach, officials said.

“It’s a nicer facility for people to do their daily banking at,” said Aberdeen branch manager Jim Winchell. Hopefully with the picture windows and modern interior, the building also is a nice place for employees to work, “and is a facility everybody can be proud of,” Winchell said.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.