World Gone By 12/19

75 years ago, December 19, 1937

Sunday, no newspaper published

50 years ago, December 19, 1962

• Plans are shaping up for the Weatherwax High School Band reunion which will take place Wednesday night at Grays Harbor College.

The affair is for band members who played under the direction of Donald McCaw. Two years ago the reunion drew 70 former members, some of them coming from as far as British Columbia and Southern California.

The committee in charge of arrangements includes Craig Wellington, Brad Barnes, David Donahoe, Norman Fosberg, Sam Rikalo and Don Windell.

• Astonishing second half free throw shooting plus key baskets by substitute Rich Frazer provided the Raymond Seagulls momentum to down South Bend 55-43 last night.

• A tight defense, a lot of hustle and the shooting of Brian Phillips led Montesano to a decisive 53 to 41 win over Hoquiam last night.

Just one week ago the Grizzlies defeated the Bulldogs by almost the same score, but an effective zone defense and a two-platoon system instituted by Coach Aldo Anderson were too much for Hoquiam.

Changing units every five minutes or so, Montesano’s constantly fresh players forced Hoquiam into errors, as the Grizzlies time and again threw the ball away or had shots blocked.

25 years ago, December 19, 1987

• Shoplifting steals some of storeowners’ Christmas cheer, but businesses are doing a better job of protecting themselves, says local law enforcement officials.

Hoquiam Police Chief Duke Herman said store owners in his city make law enforcement look good by detaining the shoplifter, “then we come and officially catch them.”

Of the 65 reported incidents this past year in Hoquiam, 70 percent led to arrests, said Lt. Richard Jacobson.

Aberdeen Chief Bill Ellis has a theory that some shoplifters spend all their money on drugs then steal to feed themselves.

Cigarettes seem as popular as food among shoplifters.

Those caught with goods valued between $250 and $1,500 are charged with second degree theft. First-degree theft is more than $1,500 and both offenses are felonies and can result in stiff fines or jail sentences.

• Fundamentals, shooting and common sense keyed a balanced Raymond attack as the Seagulls improved their record to 2-3 by running away with a 53-42 Pacific League win over South Bend last night.

“We worked hard all week on fundamental shooting and it paid off,” said winning coach Rolf Olson. He credited the strong inside play of Shawn Zeller and senior John Barnes who had nine and seven rebounds respectively.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.