World Gone By 12/27

75 years ago, December 27, 1937

• Aberdeen’s city hall was going modern today with venetian blinds for the offices of the treasurer and comptroller.

Slanting rays of the sun have ruined eyes of the deputies poring over books, they complained to their supervisors. This necessitated drawing the shades and using artificial light. In dark weather the old shades offered no reflection for light and 13 lights frequently burned at a time. Although today was dark, the two offices were being lighted with but four, the shades making the rooms much lighter.

• In the “Echoes of the Past: 20 Years Ago Today” column — December 27, 1917: Manager M.R. Ward of the Grays Harbor Motorship Corporation announced a $75,000 to $100,000 machinery installation plant will be built here to install engines and other gear in government ships built in the Motorship yards.

• Also in 1917, one hundred and thirty-six Aberdeen stores go on war time basis, nine-hour days and 6 o’clock closing time.

50 years ago, December 27, 1962

• The band played on last night, recreating sounds which earned Aberdeen High School the acknowledged distinction of producing the finest high school band in the state for over a decade.

The occasion was the second reunion of band members who played under the artistic baton of Don McCaw between 1947 and 1957, an era of golden years for Grays Harbor music lovers.

Some 50 bandsmen gathered at Grays Harbor College to dust off their instruments and discover whether they still sounded the same. They did.

• A young deer has befriended the children of Taholah. The animal comes out of the woods every morning and goes to the Smith home, where it plays with the two family dogs, follows the children to school then goes back to the woods every evening.

25 years ago, December 27, 1987

The shopping season didn’t come to a halt yesterday just because Christmas is over.

In fact, judging by the multitudes at the malls and downtown, it was one of the biggest shopping days of the year — just as tradition would indicate.

“I’m spending all my money right and left,” said shopped Tawnie Bennett of Aberdeen. “I’m catching all the sales.”

The first clue to the traffic jams at checkout stands was slow-moving fleets of cars looking for parking at the Wishkah and SouthShore malls. While many were busily exchanging off-target gifts, some were already stocking up for next year.

“With 16 nieces and nephews, I have to look for a lot of bargains and prepare for next year,” said Debbie Gill while shopping at Kay-Bee Toy and Hobby Shop.

She said she needed more yarn too, so she can crochet another black bear for her niece. The one under the Christmas tree had inadvertently ended up in the fire with wrapping paper and boxes.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.