World Gone By 1/24

75 years ago, January 24, 1938

• Captain Thor Berg has seen many houses in numerous foreign countries during his years of seafaring and of them all he likes the modified Colonial design best. That’s why when he planned the new home at Central Park he and Mrs. Berg now occupy, the captain chose the Colonial type of architecture. Its gleaming white walls and dark blue roof and shutters make the house stand out prominently against the rich green of timbered hills in the background.

• Thirty Grays Harbor Olympians Sunday enjoyed a four-mile hike through snow covered trails of Colonel Bob, the highlight of the trip being a snowball fight between the sides chosen by President June Skog and Secretary Clarabelle Stephenson.

Later the Olympians were guests at the Trexian Lodge at Lake Quinault.

50 years ago, January 24, 1963

• A grim report on juvenile misbehavior in Pacific County during 1962 was issued today by Judge John Langenbach.

With a total of 70 offenses, the judge described last year as “the worst year in the history of the Juvenile Court of Pacific County.”

Mischief and vandalism, including petty theft, topped the list with 25 offenses, followed by use of liquor with 24. Some 19 cases involved burglary, 14 auto theft, six were sex offenses, five shining deer, four a rock-throwing incident causing injury to a train man, three incorrigible and three curfew violations.

• Encouraging an enlightened citizenry is the primary aim of the Grays Harbor County rural Library District, Librarian Ray McGinnis told the Montesano Chamber of Commerce yesterday. At the chamber’s weekly luncheon McGinnis previewed a five county system that will be given a 2-year experimental run between 1964 and 1966.

Counties participating in the regional unit will be Grays Harbor, Pacific, Thurston, Lewis and Mason with the headquarters in Olympia.

25 years ago, January 24, 1988

• Eric Nelson is leaving the Nelson & Nelson law practice to join the county prosecutor’s office. He is the third of three generations of Nelsons to practice law in Montesano.

His grandfather, O.M. Nelson started out the family tradition as a law clerk for W.H. Abel in 1906 and began his own practice in 1908.

O.M.’s son Greg joined the practice in 1954 and will continue his law practice.

• Dozens of bewildered neighbors gathered at the Peggy’s Pantry restaurant Saturday to talk about the cold-blooded murders of Eleanor and John “Frank” Shye.

A few blocks away, detectives continued searching for clues that might lead them to the killer.

“Some people didn’t sleep last night. They’re locking their doors when they usually don’t,” said Ann Burgher, manager of Peggy’s Pantry. “Who could imagine. They were just nice people and they didn’t bother anybody.”

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.