World Gone By 1/27

75 years ago, January 27, 1938

• Condemning the proposed new Walgren bill which would lock away great areas of ripe commercial timber in a million-acre Olympic National Park, the Aberdeen City Council last night passed a resolution that park boundaries be limited to those suggested by the state planning council.

Councilmen pointed out that the main proponents of the proposed park are easterners who know nothing of the peninsula or Grays Harbor and other communities dependent upon timber for livelihood.

• Niagara’s honeymoon bridge crashed into the ice-choked Niagara River gorge today after 24 hours of battering by massed floes.

Observers on the American shore heard a sudden roar and saw the span disappear into the deep chasm. Nearly a dozen men had been working at the foot of the span shortly before the crash.

It ended nearly a half century of usefulness for what was once the longest arch bridge in the world.

50 years ago, January 27, 1963

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago, January 27, 1988

• The language is blunt, the message to the students important: If you drink or use drugs, you’re not cool, you’re just stupid.

Nationally known anti-drug speaker Jevon Thompson is presenting that message in Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Elma schools this week.

“Adults always say ‘drugs and alcohol’ like they’re two different things,” the black man from New Jersey tells students, “They don’t want something they do to be considered a drug.”

We say ‘drugs and alcohol’ because we don’t want kids doing it,” he tells the parents. “But we’re adults so it’s OK for us to be stupid.”

Thompson caught a glimpse of the Harbor’s alcohol problem at Elma Junior High Tuesday afternoon. He asked students to raise their hands if alcohol had affected their family. Almost all hands went up.

• Guards Rocky Dombroski and Jason Anderson turned in their best games as Grizzlies last night and led Hoquiam to a 66-57 Black Hills League victory over Chehalis.

Dombroski popped in 19 points and Anderson 15. Senior center Dan Van Ogle also tanked 15 and forward Brian Bagley 10 in a performance that drew nothing but praise from HHS head man Dave Polk.

• A strange if less than classic ending was welcome in South Bend last night.

An excess Raymond time out resulted in three Indian free throws in the final three seconds, giving the Tribe a bizarre 36-33 overtime victory over the Seagulls.

Four players — Brandon Russell, Chuck Spoor, Wade Hayes and Stacey Stuck — shared Indian scoring honors with six points each.

Keith Buchanan fired in seven points, including a three-point field goal, in the fourth quarter to taking game scoring honors with 10. Shawn Zellar added nine for the Gulls.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.