World Gone By 12/8

75 years ago, December 8, 1937

• Ringing chimes, clashing cymbals and the sonority of full-throated bass notes will fill the First Methodist church Sunday morning when a great new organ, installed this week, is heard for the first time, according to Rev. L.C. Hicks, pastor. The instrument is a two-manual Kimball with Deagan chimes.

Though the organ’s original price was more than $10,000 when purchased by a Seattle theater less than two years ago, the church paid only $1,700 for it completely installed.

• Fire believed to have been of incendiary origin early this morning destroyed the early Webster Saloon building at F and Front streets, an old two-story Cosmopolis landmark.

The structure was built in 1900 and was prominently located in the old riverfront days here.

• Three ships scheduled for Willapa Harbor this week have been canceled because of labor difficulties, according to word from the Waterfront Employers Association.

The Hamakua and Cuzco for the west coast of South America and Cadaretta for California were posted but will not enter until the steam schooner mooring lines squabble is settled.

50 years ago, December 8, 1962

• Land sales at Ocean Shores are running 22 percent higher than last year and will top $3,000,000 for 1962 alone, W.R. MacPherson, treasurer of Ocean Shores Estates said today.

More than half of all the sales continue to be made to buyers from Seattle and King County, MacPherson said. “People who have lived in this state for 40 years are ‘discovering’ the ocean beaches for the first time,” MacPherson said. “And they’re also discovering that the Grays Harbor area is one of the finest recreation spots in the entire Northwest.”

By the end of this year, Ocean Shores salesmen will have sold more than 1,000 lots.

• Led by classy sophomore transfer Tom Conley, Aldo Anderson’s rangy Montesano Bulldogs made short work of Yelm last night, breezing to a 58 to 39 victory. Conley, a 6-1 sophomore who transferred from Mt. Rainier in November, displayed rebounding prowess in addition to scoring ability. He paced the Bulldogs with 13 points.

25 years ago, December 8, 1987

Combating throat cancer and losing her soprano voice have been severe trials for Rick Gauger, but she hasn’t let them silence her love for music.

The enormous support from family and friends has enabled the strong-willed blonde to survive the ordeal and continue to enjoy her talent through other means.

“I used to have a high-pitched voice and now I have a low, husky one. My kids say I sound like E.T. but it’s a voice and I’m happy,” said the effervescent woman.

Gauger, who remembers uttering musical notes since childhood, says the energy once used for singing is still generated when she directs the Willapa Harbor Chorale, a position she has held for the past three years.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.