World Gone By 1/29

75 years ago, January 28/29, 1938

• Citizens of this district should fight to keep the boundary of an Olympic National Park from being extended farther south than the Quinault river, Ignar Olson, Quinualt resident declared.

South of the river can be found millions of tons of manganese ore. Mr. Olson said and a thorough survey should be made before the boundary is extended any farther in that direction. • In the “Echoes of the Past: 20 Years Ago Today” column — January 28, 1918: A new “victory loaf” of bread will soon appear on the market. It will contain a substitute for wheat. New food regulations go into effect throughout the nation, designating wheatless, porkless, meatless and other days when certain foods will not be taken. • “Jasper’s cow” is back again. Its tinkling bell breaks the Quinault silence and tickles the Quinaults’ funny-bone. The legend-making event really started last spring when Jasper Bunch found a cow elk bogged in the mud near his ranch. Rather than deal harshly with the cow for nibbling his oat patch, he belled her to warn when her herd came back again. Then he released her from the mud.

Visitors, mountaineers and government men have been awakened at night by the weird tocsin, in places where no domestic animal would venture and only Bunch and a neighbor know the mystery of the bell.

50 years ago, January 28/29, 1963

• Two plucky little boys lost in the woods behind Bel-Aire late Saturday afternoon and night were found about 9 p.m. after an intensive search involving approximately 100 volunteers.

Donald Brown, 10, and his brother Jerry, 9 got separated from their companions Gary Ford, 10, Bruce Walloch, 12 and Mike Walsh 10 while on an exploration sortie. The Brown brothers were reported missing about 4 p.m. and after a search by the boys’ father and neighbors turned up no sign of them, police were notified about 6. • Omar Parker Jr., outstanding Hoquiam High School senior, added to his laurels Saturday by being elected YMCA Youth Governor for this year’s session of the Youth Legislature in the Olympia Capital May 2-4. Young Parker is the first Harborite to achieve this honor. He also is earmarked to be the first Youth Governor to address a joint meeting of the regular State Legislature while it is in session.

• Pt. Chehalis Packing Co. has opened its new crab packing plant at Westport which includes a large refrigerator, 11 shaker tables and three canning machines.

25 years ago, January 28/29, 1988

• A.J. West celebrated its 74th birthday this week and 75 former students, teachers and other employees showed up to the celebration. They quickly sorted themselves out by eras — those who were in the old building erected in 1914; those who remembered the wooden gym; those who saved tin in class projects during WW II, those who remembered Principal Molly Jeans or J. Roy Shipley.

“Those were the days when kids did what they were told and when a swat wasn’t child abuse,” remembered Ruth Steinback Dixon, 71. “I don’t think all that discipline hurt us one bit.”

Harold Warren remembered not only collecting tin for the war effort but knitting a six-inch “square” thing.

“I’m not sure what the name of an object with no equal sides is,” he said. “Someone then reportedly put the pieces together for our soldiers.” He remembers following the progress of the war is class — coloring in parts of Italy as troops moved through. • The breeze around the old Roderick Timber Co. truck shop carried the acrid smell of what a state inspector called a “smorgasbord” of chemical solvents, dumped at the abandoned site. State Department of Ecology inspector Paul Stasch sniffed at a mound of discolored dirt and said, “there is some nasty stuff here.”

• Almost 40 drums of unknown materials were found scattered around the site. Leaking ones will be sent to a hazardous waste site in Oregon and the others have been stored until the contents can be tested. • Intensity wasn’t really all that necessary for Hoquiam’s girls last night at the Garden but Dan Steward was gratified to see his charges weren’t getting into any bad habits.

• “I’m pleased that we kept playing hard,” Steward said after his team’s 68-29 romp past Tumwater.

The Lady Grizzlies now have a 12-1 record on the season. Since their lone loss in overtime at Aberdeen, they’ve won four straight by margins of 27 or more. Janine Koukal, having one of her best nights of the season, led all scorers with 14 points.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.