World Gone By 2/16

75 years ago, February 16, 1938

• Welcomed home in style with a four-piece brass band and 20-clowning friends, Joel Wolff today declared, “These are the first smiles I’ve seen in three weeks … I wouldn’t live in the east if they gave it to me.”

He had been away three weeks, visiting and buying in New York and Chicago.

• Grays Harbor today was believed in line for the greatest tuna or albacore industry on the coast.

Those assertedly in the “know” said plans are already taking shape for at least four huge canneries. They said Grays Harbor can expect a one to two million dollar annual industry.

50 years ago, February 16, 1963

• Two Weatherwax High School students set some sort of speed record when they negotiated a 100-mile walking course in 15 1/2 hours — 14 1/2 on foot and an hour by bus.

The pair, Randy Barnhart of Hoquiam and Richard Toy of Wishkah set out from the Aberdeen Police station last night with three others in an attempt to double the Marine Corps walk.

The five boys, all members of the Naval Reserve, planned to hike to Olympia and back — a distance of better than 100 miles.

Three of the walkers made it one-twentieth of the way — five miles — before they were forced to drop anchor.

• Some 15 cases of beer were taken during a break-in at the Dennis Co. Bottling plant in Raymond. Police said the break-in was accomplished by smashing a window on the east side of the building.

• The New China Cafe, 305 E. Wishkah in Aberdeen, is offering a 1-lb. T-bone steak dinner for $1.95 — includes soup, salad, hot rolls, beverage and dessert.

25 years ago, February 16, 1988

• Ash Wednesday may be taken literally this year at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Aberdeen.

The 180-member congregation will celebrate the first day of the Lenten Season with services at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. tomorrow despite a fire that raced through part of the building early Monday morning.

Just as Lent is a time of preparation leading to the celebration of Christ’s resurrection at Easter, the church will be working to remove “a little film of yucky ash on everything,” the Rev. Thomas Halbrook said this morning. “We are pretty sure the church will be completely ready for Easter: there’s no question of that,” he said cheerfully.

• A steady stream of visitors gazed up at the giant wooden skeleton that stands like something prehistoric in the middle of the drafty building.

The 400 or so guests came to the Historic Seaport Shipyard Monday to eat birthday cake in honor of George Washington and check on the progress of the Lady Washington.

Sixteen ribs have been attached so far. Ultimately there will be 51, a rib for each keel bolt. The ship is scheduled for launching over Labor Day weekend.

• Wishkah stayed alive in district class B boys play last night. Pierce Ridgway’s excellence at playing “on the bubble” helped Wishkah usher out North Beach in Chehalis, 67-50.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.