World Gone By 4/27

75 years ago, April 27, 1937

• Copalis Beach is the only clam-digging locality showing a better March total than for the same month in 1936, according to figures compiled by B.M. Brennan, state department of fisheries. Diggers at Copalis bagged 216,836 pounds of clams during March this year against 213,236 pounds last year. There were 8,526 individual bags recorded with an average dig of 25 pounds per man.

Grayland diggers took only 86,541 pounds this year against 214,400 pounds in March 1936 while at Long Beach the dig was only a fraction of that of a year ago, 15,213 against 123,281 pounds.

• Marion Frances Matzkind, three-year-old daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Harry Matzkind has been trying for quite some time to solve the mystery of locking a door. Yesterday she once again tried to lock a door and it worked. She had locked herself in the bathroom.

The child could not unlock it and she called for help. Dr. Matzkind was summoned home. He couldn’t get the door open from the outside and didn’t think he could crawl through the window. He instructed the child how to turn the key free and pull it from the lock. The baby then shoved it to her father through a window and he unlocked the door. Is she going to try it again? Her answer, “No, daddy.”

50 years ago, April 27, 1962

• At the age of 12, Joe McCloskey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold McCloskey of Junction City, decided to learn taxidermy. Today, after completing a years’ correspondence course and getting started by watching others at work, Joe has a collection of 18 different pieces which he has completed.

The young artist is now 14 and in the ninth grade at Hopkins Junior High School and plans to enter his bird and animal display in the crafts and hobbies division at the Grays Harbor District Fair in August at Elma.

• Three new greens at the Grays Harbor Country club will be opened for play Saturday, club pro Dan Strite announced. Over a year in the building, the three new holes (No 2, 8 and 9) are terraced, T-bone shaped greens with the average size 100 by 50-feet.

Greenskeeper Red Chamberlain and contractor Jim Stangland cooperated on the construction of the greens. Maury Phipps, a member of the greens committee, designed the new holes with the approval of the committee.

25 years ago, April 27, 1987

It was a dirty job, but hundreds of folks were willing to do it. About 250 volunteers, some acting on their own and others representing 35 local organizations, pitched in and cleaned up around Aberdeen last week.

The most involved Spring Rally project was cleaning up a triangle-shaped lot just west and north of the Wishkah River Bridge, Jean Worrell, chairman of the project said. Aberdeen High School teacher Bill Tometich’s architecture students did most of the work on that project, spreading bark and creating a gravel path to a picnic table and planting rhododendrons and flowering trees.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.