World Gone by 4/29

75 years ago, April 29, 1937

The lowly pilchard in his transformation into meal and oil at the Strand Fisheries plant this year will be less offensive to the smell. Scents and smells of the sardine’s undoing will be arrested in large bath tanks, which also salvage the fine meal dust that formerly escaped into the air.

Gus Strand announced today the plant is installing the new air purifying equipment along with a new press, the latter to boost production from the present 10-ton capacity to a capacity of 15 to 17 tons. Once the enlarged plant is in operation, probably in June, gasses and fumes from the pilchard reduction process will be run into bath tanks, in which water will absorb the odors and a recovery process will salvage fine meal particles.

• Property owners and business men of Heron and other streets last night presented a petition to the city council “protesting any action of the city looking towards closing of the Heron Street Bridge.” The petition was referred to the street and finance committees without comment although privately councilmen asserted the Heron Street Bridge situation is not a city question because the span had been turned over to the county by a vote of the people. The petition cited that a traffic county showed 10,240 vehicles passed over it in a 60-hour period starting Saturday.

• Twenty men from Grays Harbor County were sent to work on the Coulee Dam yesterday, Leslie Otto, head of the national re-employment service, said today. More men will be sent as soon as possible, he said. Good weather has increased the number of men employed on the dam, and at the same time a boom in private construction has decreased the available labor supply.

50 years ago, April 29, 1962

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago, April 29, 1987

• Navy Ensign Paul W. Akerlund, the son of Paul and Marie Akerlund of Aberdeen, has been designated a Naval Aviator. He was presented the “Wings of Gold,” marking completion of 18 months of flight training.

Akerlund has been assigned to Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego where he will be trained to fly the Navy’s F-14 “Tomcat.”

• Cub Scout Ryan Sutherby, 10, doesn’t have a driver’s license yet, but he’s proving the one to beat at the annual Boy Scout Pinewood Derby in Aberdeen. Both this year and last, the Beacon Elementary School 5th grader from Montesano has won both the Sweepstakes and “World Champion” trophies in the miniature auto race, one of the major Cub Scout activities each year.

Ryan is the son of Randy and Debbie Sutherby. He’s a member of Pack 16 in Montesano. Dad says in this year’s contest there were 68 cars entered in the sweepstakes and 115 in the championships.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.