World Gone By 5/4

75 years ago, May 4, 1938

The industrial committee of the Willapa Harbor Businessmen’s Association this week is seeking a reaction from buckers and fallers normally employed at Camps 4 and 5 of the Willapa Harbor Lumber Mills on a revised bucking and falling scale proposed by the company when work was resumed in three of the concern’s four mills in Pacific County recently.

The committee addressed letters to each bucker and faller employed at the two camps advising that the company is ready to put those crafts back to work and resume operations at Mill R in Raymond. Attached was a schedule of wages offered, the fallers’ rate fixed at 37 cents per thousand board feet and the buckers’ at 33.9 cents. Average earnings for each man would be $7.95 per day under the new scale.

50 years ago, May 4, 1963

• Some 250 members of the Catholic War Veterans opened their 17th annual state convention today with headquarters in the Morck Hotel.

A memorial Mass at 7:30 o’clock tomorrow morning at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic church will be followed by a communion breakfast at St. Mary’s School.

• Ben Curran, Weatherwax High School principal crowned Verl Potts and Neena Groseclose as King and Queen of the May Day Dance last night in the Huntley Building.

• J. Edgar Hoover, about to enter his 40th year as FBI director, cautioned the nation today that it faces “a tragic breakdown of law and order” unless crime is curbed.

The head of the Federal Bureau of investigation said serious crime has increased by 114 percent since 1950. One major cause, he said, is public apathy toward law enforcement — too many people adopt a “don’t get involved” attitude.

25 years ago, May 4, 1988

• Saturday is Discovery Day on Grays Harbor.

On May 7, 1792, Capt. Robert Gray sailed through the narrow channel into the harbor and became the first explorer to enter the smooth, protected waters.

The harbor had been passed up by other explorers either as an unpromising looking inlet or because weather had conspired to deny entry.

Capt. George Vancouver had sailed by the opening about two weeks earlier.

A day-long celebration is planned at the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport in Aberdeen, where a replica of the brig Lady Washington is under construction. Gray commanded the vessel on his voyage to the Pacific Coast before taking the helm of the Columbia.

The celebration will conclude with the opening and dedication of the viewing bridge, a platform built along one side of the shipyard so people can see the construction below.

• Sara Gonsalves, 16, of Brady, was crowned Grays Harbor County Dairy Princess Saturday night at a banquet at the Olympic View Grange. Next year she will compete in the state dairy princess contest.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.