World Gone By 6/22

75 years ago

June 21, 1938

A special congressional committee empowered to investigate un-American activities throughout the United States will be asked to probe similar activities on Grays Harbor, officers of the Order of Better Americans, recently organized Harbor “anti-ism” group, said today.

They said they would inform Representative Martin Dies, Texas, chairman of the congressional committee of what they called “several distinctly un-American and subversive groups on Grays Harbor which should be investigated by the committee.” They hope the congressman will “turn the spotlight of truth and publicity on the foreign-isms which now harass Grays Harbor and which are breeding distrust of the American way of life and government.”

June 22, 1938

• A mysterious “Millionaire Tramp,” pockets bulging with money, will distribute dimes, quarters and half-dollars, sheaves of free tickets and a truckload of ice cream bars, free of charge during Grays Harbor’s July 4 Splash parade, the American Legion committee in charge revealed today. The free gifts will be given to boys and girls marching in the pet, hobby and character parade and to those participating in the races and other sport events immediately after the parade.

• Police Chief George S. Dean late today announced that a 14-year-old boy had been apprehended in connection with recent attacks on Aberdeen girls and women and that he had confessed stabbing with a pocket knife a 16-year-old Cosmopolis girl as she walked along the railway tracks near Cosmopolis city limits.

June 23, 1938

Summer dancing in Long Beach’s natatorium will begin officially Saturday night when Gerald Eddy’s Grays Harbor dance band starts a summer’s engagement in the north peninsula resort.

Many Harborites plan to attend the opening dance with reports from Mrs. Eva Strauhal, natatorium owner, indicating a record crowd of southwest Washington and north Oregon residents will be dancing to Eddy’s music Saturday night.

Hazel Williams will be vocalist with Eddy’s band this summer.

50 years ago

June 21, 1963

All new equipment has been installed and the fare increased to include chicken and French fries for the grand opening tomorrow of “Fred’s Hum-Dinger” drive-in Hoquiam.

The drive-in features both chocolate and vanilla soft ice cream, burgers, shakes and other ice cream treats.

June 22, 1963

Remodeling of the former Vancouver Door Co. plant in Montesano to raise fryer chickens, a changeover from door stock to drumsticks, is nearly completed, according to John Mackey, farm division manager for Pederson’s Fryer Farms of Tacoma.

Thousands of baby chickens have been delivered to the plant, which will raise four batches of fryers a year, approximately 72,000 per batch.

June 23, 1963

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago

June 21, 1988

• The new principal at Aberdeen High School will be Larry Parsons, 38, presently principal at Aspen High School in Aspen, Colo.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in secondary education from Eastern Oregon State College at La Grande.

• The man who was shot four times in the parking lot of an Aberdeen supermarket last Thursday says he believes his attackers are hiding on the Olympic Peninsula.

But 23-year-old Armando Marquina of Aberdeen said he has no intention of trying to find them himself. “That’s for the police,” he said.

“I’m not afraid of them,” the tree thinner said in broken English while leaning to one side trying to ease the pain of a bullet-shattered elbow. “They are chickens to use a gun instead of fighting man-to-man.”

June 22, 1988

Through the window, Hoquiam paramedics could see 94-year-old Bill Eberwein sitting on the floor with a gash on his head.

He had a high tech Lifeline distress beeper but his old-fashioned best friend presented an obstacle.

Before the rescuers could help, they had to get past Guggenheim, the old man’s trusty dog.

“We were going in the door and a big, black shepherd was there,” said Hoquiam paramedic Steve Blair, “… he was a good protector.”

Eberwein had the presence of mind to scoot across the kitchen floor and shut Guggenheim in the laundry room, so the medics could get inside to take Eberwein the hospital.

Eberwein has lived nearly all his life alongside the Hoquiam river where for 30 or 40 years he was a boom man on log rafts.

He has a passion for flowers and still brings a basket of them to the ladies at the Hoquiam Senior Center lunch each Friday, making sure there is a flower for each one.

June 23, 1988

A large, geometric, sculptured wooden sign at the city’s entrance may be the first of four keystone projects that eventually will link the entire East Aberdeen waterfront.

Ron Kasprisin of Kasprisin Design Group in Seattle presented his ideas to the Aberdeen City Council for enhancing the entire East Aberdeen waterfront area.

He said the projects could be done at little cost while vastly improving the city’s property.

• Zelasko Park and the Heron Street Bridge would become the gateway to East Aberdeen and the tall ships project.

• At Lehto Gardens the city could begin landscaping with a minimal investment to create a park-like atmosphere. The first construction project should be a walkway under the railroad trestle to a new wharf that would give park-goers a view of the Chehalis and Wishkah rivers and the two tall ships.

• At Morrison Riverfront Park, the eastern tip of the waterfront project, Kasprisin is recommending that a large welcoming sign to erected to make the park more visible. Ultimately, a bridge for pedestrians and vehicles will be built over the creek, replacing the narrow, asphalted road presently used.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.