World Gone By 7/12

75 years ago, July 12, 1937

• Henry Uerling, 46, was killed Saturday at Copalis Beach cedar bolt camp. He had lived in the area about a year.

Uerling was jacking up a cedar log when the clip on the jack slipped causing the handle to fly upward. The handle struck Uerling in the jaw, breaking his neck.

• The traffic lights on Simpson Avenue have relieved the serious traffic conditions on the Aberdeen-Hoquiam arterial, Mayor Herbert Horricks said today. He added that there is no immediate need for a new arterial and asserted traffic will automatically be diverted somewhat to Aberdeen and Pacific avenues as a result of the traffic control signals.

50 years ago, July 12, 1962

• If Aberdeen people had been present in Sitka during the Jaycees annual Fourth of July celebration and read through the list of participants in the various events, they would have been uncertain that they had ever left home. The closing days of the Salmon Derby started out the five days of the celebration and Oliver Bickar was the proud possessor of a 41 pound, 10 ounce King Salmon that placed 10th in the derby.

The All Alaska Logging Championship events roster read like a Harbor telephone directory. John McDonald, Roland Kelly, Don Bartin Jr., Jay Cluff, Ken Kimball and Robert Bickar, all from Sitka and Bill Menish and M.B. Jones of Petersburg, all call the Aberdeen area their home.

• Baton Twirlers attended Thunderbird Clinic of Baton at Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon last month.

Attending from Aberdeen were Cheryl Bailey, Linda Keene, Shirley Homchick and Mary Ellen Prudhomme.

25 years ago, July 12, 1987

• A dentist, physical therapist, accountant, ship pilot, IRS man, barber and a teenager all have one thing in common.

Like the rest of a growing group of Aberdonians, they work without pay on week nights and some weekends because electrical salesman Bob “Swed” Swedblom has them hooked on logs.

Rotarian Swedblom is the acknowledged project mastermind for the log “pavilion” under construction for Morrison Park along the Chehalis River in Aberdeen.

The volunteers debark logs, notch logs, drill holes into logs and carefully fit logs together so they lay straight, stacked one on top of another.

• A March, 1926 102-page special edition of The Daily World lists 27 Harbor mills — Aberdeen Lumber & Shingle, American Mill, Anderson & Middleton Lumber, Donovan Lumber, Bay City Lumber, E.K. Bishop Lumber, E.C. Miller Cedar Lumber, A.J. West Lumber, Wilson Brothers, Saginaw Shingle Mill, General Package Mfg., Harbor Plywood, Grays Harbor Mfg., Eureka Cedar Lumber, Hoquiam Lumber, North Western Lumber, E.K. Wood Lumber, Woodlawn Mill, East Hoquiam Shingle, Robert Gray Shingle, Grays Harbor Lumber, American Door & Mfg., Knox & Tombs, Washington Door and Mfg., G.H. Commercial, Mumby Lumber and White Star.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.