World Gone By 7/13

75 years ago

July 12, 1938

In the “Echoes of the Past: 10 Years Ago Today” column — July 12, 1928: Four longshore gangs in an eight-hour shift stow 915,000 board feet of lumber aboard the steamer Missoula at the Grays Harbor Lumber company wharf. It is believed a record loading.

July 13, 1938

With approximately 100 people waiting to be assigned to jobs next Tuesday or Wednesday, Grays Harbor’s WPA enrollment will reach approximately 4,000, an all-time record.

At present there are 3,865 men and women employed on all projects in Grays Harbor. About a month ago there were 3,200 on the rolls while in 1936 the peak figure was 1,400.

July 14, 1938

Howard Hughes and his four unshaven, dog-tired companions completed their 14,824-mile round-the-world flight at 1:37 p.m. today in the amazing, record-smashing time of three days, 19 hours and 17 minutes.

Aided by a strong tail wind which shoved their big Lock-heed plane at top speed on the final 1,054-mile leg of the flight from Minneapolis, they lopped off nearly four days from the old record of seven days, 18 hours and 49 minutes made by the late Wiley Post, flying alone, in July, 1933.

50 years ago

July 12, 1963

• A gala parade — fun feature of the 40th annual conference and 33rd annual fire school of the Washington State Association of Fire Chiefs and the Washington State Firemen’s Association — commences at 6 o’clock tonight at Heron and I streets and will wind through the downtown area.

The parade, which will include more than 40 units, follows two days of intensive fire-fighting classes at the Huntley School Building.

• Seven winners were selected from a variety of pets entered in the Cosmopolis recreation pet day program yesterday at the Lions field — Danny Kimball, most unusual, a chicken; Fred Crowder, smallest, a chipmunk; Anne Bramstedt, biggest, collie dog; Jeanne Cuff, best dressed dog; Jim Kimball, best groomed cat; Richard Juntunen, best groomed dog and Eric Heikkila, best group, two bassett hounds.

July 13, 1963

A new approach in teaching mathematics in primary and secondary schools in Africa will be the concern of a young Peace Corps volunteer from Westport this summer as she attends a special mathematics conference in Entebbe, Uganda.

Carol Bodey is attending the conference as a representative of the Axim, Ghana high school where she has been working as a teacher under the Peace Corps program.

July 14, 1963

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago

July 12, 1988

Proving again that one man’s junk is another’s treasure, the Chinese government is buying and hauling away Big Red, the rusting ship that’s been tied for years to the old Anderson & Middleton dock in Aberdeen.

The old, World War II liberty ship, visible to motorists on the Chehalis River Bridge, was fitted with cranes years ago so it could load logs. It will be towed to China and used for scrap.

July 13, 1988

In the emergency room, treating a set of scrapes, bumps and bruises can be a near-festive occasion if the patient by rights should have suffered serious or fatal injuries.

Leonard Randall of Hoquiam was on the way to a shake block cutting job on the Raft River with his three nephews, traveling in a 5-month-old Chevy Sprint. They went head-on with a one-ton crew cab pickup truck at Crane Creek. Fortunately they had been badgered into wearing their seat belts by the sister of the driver, who is mother to two of the boys.

When the Community Hospital ER filled up with aching but ambulatory victims, advanced registered nurse practitioner Criss Aigner called the public relations department. “I’ve got five of the smartest people in the county in my ER this minute,” she said, indicating the seat belts they were wearing saved them all from major injuries.

July 14, 1988

• A $250,000 Coe-Calmath 70-inch four-block carriage began operation July 5 at the Mayr Brothers Sawmill in Hoquiam enabling operators to cut to an accuracy of 1/125,000 of an inch over the old model. The improved accuracy will “better enable the mill to compete in foreign markets, especially Japan where precision is critical,” said General Manager Don Deschenes.

Leroy Morey, maintenance manager, had to dismantle the roof and use a 40-ton crane to install the 41,000 pound machine on June 25.

• Kris Fykerud’s single scored Paul Godfrey with the winning run in the seventh inning, giving the Aberdeen Nationals an 18-17 victory over Montesano and the championship of the Grays Harbor Minor League Baseball Tournament in Elma Tuesday.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.