World Gone By 8/30

75 years ago, August 30, 1937

• Japan, foreseeing a long, costly war with China and alarmed over foreign complications, may decide not to be host for the 1940 Olympic games, it was learned today.

Prince Fumumaro Konoye, the premier, and County Michimara Coejima, Japanese Olympics leader, have agreed that parliament should vote whether to give up the games.

• In the “Echoes of the Past: 20 Years Ago Today” column — August 30, 1917: An Italian aviator sets a new distance record for airplane flight by flying 900 miles without stopping.

• Also in 1917, the Aberdeen Shipyard company plans to enlarge its Wishkah yards and employ 500 more men.

• In the “Echoes of the Past: 10 Years Ago Today” column — August 30, 1927: The Grindle cannery at Queets is sold to Everett interests by I.L Grindle, who plan to start a fox farm near Elma.

• Also in 1927, Paramount’s production of “Old Ironsides,” said to be the greatest movie ever produced, is showing at Aberdeen’s Grand Theater.

50 years ago, August 30, 1962

• Ghana, a country about the size of the state of Washington, on the west coast of Africa, will be the home of 23-year-old Carol Bodey of Aberdeen for the next two years.

She is going there on a teaching assignment with the Peace Corps. She graduated from Weatherwax High School in 1956, received a bachelor’s degree in English from Stanford in 1960 and a master’s in education a short time later.

She will be teaching in a secondary school in the small coastal town of Axim, about a five-hour drive from Accra, the capital.

• Kress, at the corner of Broadway and Wishkah, is offering a luncheon special of baked ham and dressing, potatoes, gravy, vegetable, salad, roll and butter for 59-cents.

25 years ago, August 30, 1987

• Even the veterans at Saturday’s Loggers Playday Time Trials got the jitters trying out for the Ax Throw, which offers its own $1,000 prize this year.

“It’s a head game, that ax throw,” said Darell Graham, last year’s All-Around Logger. “Now I can get my ulcer over with. Sometimes I get so nervous.”

He qualified for the event with a score of 14 out of a possible 15.

Other returnees include Jack Adams Jr., Larry Vessey and Don Barton.

The father and son team of Clifford and John Hughes from New Zealand promises to be a crowd pleaser. The two qualified in four events and will face off with their wives in the Ma and Pa Hand Bucking contest.

• After cutbacks, layoffs and some other incisions, Mark Reed Hospital is slowly finding its way back into the black. “The hospital is doing better than it has in a long time,” said administrator Jean Roberts. “We are not out of the woods, but our cash flow is getting better.

One reason for the improved prognosis is that the 24-bed hospital began taking “in-patients” again in April. In December, the hospital had stopped admitting patients for stays over 24 hours, but continued to operate an around-the-clock emergency room in addition to out-patient and short-stay care.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.