World Gone By 8/7

75 years ago, August 6/7, 1937

• Casey Hardware and Electric Co. 106 W. Wishkah, will offer a free exhibition on Monday, Aug. 9 of Willie Vacalite, The Westinghouse Mechanical Man. Bring yourself, your kiddies, your friends and neighbors to see the amazing and educational performance as the mechanical man talks, sings, smokes, sits down and stands up, runs a vacuum cleaner, salutes the flag and fires a pistol.

• Planning increased production and using for the first time a number of new machines and other improvements, the Harbor Plywood company’s main plant at the port dock will start a graveyard shift Sunday night, resuming operations after a two week shutdown. In full production the mill will employ 600 men.

Smoke pouring from the new 196-foot stack, one of the tallest metal stacks on the Harbor, will signal use of the firm’s new boiler room. A new barking machine, fourth of its kind installed in the plywood industry, will also turn for the first time.

• Before a large crowd of spectators and parents from McCleary, Elma and Montesano, Bill Vincent, 10, struck out six batters to win the championship of Eastern Grays Harbor in the Aberdeen World-Twin Harbor boys baseball pitching contest.

Vincent will enter the finals for the championship Aug. 28 at Finch Field.

50 years ago, August 6/7, 1962

• Although leaving the youngest members of his large family at home, Attorney General Robert Kennedy will not want for company on his Westport fishing trip and three-day pack trip into the Olympics.

When the President’s younger brother commences fishing early Wednesday morning, accompanying him will be his wife Ethyl and children, Kathleen, 10, Joe, 9, Bob, 8, David 7, sister Eunice, Mrs. Robert Sargent Shriver, whose husband is head of the Peace Corps, their son Bob, 8, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Guthman, public relations chief for the attorney general, with three children, Lem Billings, a Kennedy friend from New York, Clarence Pautzke, U.S. Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife, his wife and son, and Mr. and Mrs. Walt Failor.

• Candace Goodwin, 15, was crowned queen of McCleary’s fourth annual Second Growth & Bear Festival. Candace won the title by topping three other aspirants in festival button sales, which this year totaled an unprecedented 1,300.

25 years ago, August 6/7, 1987

• Joe DeLaCruz, chairman of the Quinault Tribe, is the new president of the Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest. He outpolled incumbent Allen V. Pinkham, 189-159.

DeLaCruz told tribal leaders he will try to strengthen Indian policy coming out of the Northwest, a region he said Indian leaders across the nation look to for leadership.

• Rognlin’s Taholah Stars finished second in the national all-Indian men’s slow pitch tournament in Richland last weekend.

The Stars’ Benji Kautz, Terry Shale and Richie Underwood earned all-tournament recognition. Tandy Charley and J.R. McCrory were two of the Stars’ leading hitters.

Longtime Taholah sports booster Ken Grover received an inspirational award at the tournament.

• McCaw Cablevision intends to raise basic TV service rates in Aberdeen from $9 to $12.95, a 30.5 percent increase. At the same time the cable company is reducing the charge for additional premium movie channels from $5.50 per month to $4.

• Drug abuse is dragging down the quality of Harbor life and now is the time to act, Prosecutor Mike Spencer told the Hoquiam Rotary Club Thursday. “Slowly but surely we are losing the battle,” the prosecutor said.

Spencer outlines a two-pronged attack to fight drugs that includes a seven-member task force, involving law enforcement officers from Hoquiam, Aberdeen and the sheriff’s office and a deputy prosecuting attorney.

• A Soviet zoologist who speaks fluent English has sought asylum in the United States and is in the custody of the FBI.

Dmitri Vinogredov, 30, a fish scientist on the Soviet research ship Babaevsk now docked at the Port of Grays Harbor, failed to return to the ship after a bus trip to Olympia Thursday, the ship’s captain Slava Temin confirmed this morning.

A Lacey man told the Associated Press that Vinogredov walked into the lounge of an Olympia restaurant waving a small American flag and announced his desire to defect.

• Ronnie Bruemmer of Aberdeen earned a silver medal in the VII International Summer Special Olympic Games in South Bend, Ind. this week. Bruemmer, 19, finished second in the 400-meter run.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.