World Gone By 9/1

75 years ago, September 1, 1937

• Oswa is home!

The pet seagull of the West Bridge returned to Aberdeen unexpectedly today, a week earlier than scheduled, circled the span twice piping a message to his friends and then settle gracefully on the handrail of the superstructure.

He has wintered at the bridge for at least 15 years.

• A wrecking crew tomorrow will begin tearing down the Lytle Building, Simpson Avenue and Eighth Street. Tenants were moving out of the upstairs apartments today and it is expected the building will be vacant tomorrow to permit the men to start.

As soon as the building is down, erection of a new Standard Oil service station will start.

50 years ago, September 1, 1962

• The letter was signed by Atty. Gen. Robert Kennedy. It was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Huffman, Hill Road in Central Park, owners of the Continental Restaurant in Westport.

It said (in part), “Mrs. Kennedy and I are grateful to you for all that you did to make our trip to Westport such a memorable experience. The dinner at your restaurant was a high point and I have never eaten better food. … I also wish to thank your for making your station wagon available. I would appreciate it if you would express our thanks to the Connors and Mrs. White.”

• Small, but fierce and dangerous, a chemical fire high atop the Weyerhaeuser Pulp Mill bleach plant was quelled by firemen from Cosmopolis and Aberdeen yesterday afternoon.

Flames were roaring around a tank of chlorine dioxide which firemen were warned might explode if it reached a temperature of 115 degrees. At the height of the fire, temperature of the tank reached 122 but it did not blow up.

Hampered in getting water up to the fire in the chemical mix room, first efforts on reaching it were to cool the tank. Firemen were also hampered by heavy smoke from burning polyethylene piping.

25 years ago, September 1, 1987

• The King and His Court, billed as the Harlem Globetrotters of softball, will appear in an exhibition Wednesday night at Olympic Stadium.

The four-man touring fast pitch team, led by Eddie “The King” Feigner, will face the Harbor All Stars — Tim Wahl, Al Carter, Ken Waite, Steve Irion, Bo Griffith, Jim Bravos, Ed Logue, Keith Reynvaan, Dan Steward, Walt Wegener, Darci Allison, Les Bennett, Gary Gallinger and Jeff Fairchild.

• Three electrical detectives working six hours straight made an adjustment Sherlock probably couldn’t have found with a magnifying glass and now say the stuck-up Chehalis River Bridge is fixed.

A switch on the main bearing of the draw mechanism was slightly out of sync — a 32nd of an inch. “We adjusted the switch and we don’t anticipate any more problems,” said Ron Bashon, Department of Transportation maintenance supervisor.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.