World Gone By 9/24

75 years ago

September 23, 1938

Grays Harbor local, International Association of Machinists, last night voted to renew its old working agreement with operators. The only point on which the men and employers differ is that of “staggering” the week, operators asking a change in working days to have some men working Saturdays.

The old agreement expired in June. If a renewal is signed by operators the former wage scale will prevail, machinists getting $1 and welders $1.10.

September 24, 1938

With the foundation laid less than four months ago, The World demonstration dwelling will be open to public inspection tomorrow from 9 to 9. The house was designed by Ben K. Weatherwax and was built by Martin Prehm, general contractor. It clings to a hillside lot at 1511 Montview Ave., Bel Aire, selected for a sweeping view of the harbor. Visitors will see a number of novel features in design, originated to overcome difficulties of the terrain.

50 years ago

September 23, 1963

An AP wire story from California reported a Negro escort was asked to withdraw from the University of California football festival Saturday because at least two of eight visiting football queens objected.

Lynn Marks Sims, vice president of the junior class and president of the Megaphone Society, said he was dismayed at the request by the Berkeley Junior Chamber of Commerce which has sponsored the festival for 18 years.

Paul Rutlidge, chairman of the Jaycee football queen contest said, “It was done to protect the mental and physical well-being of the girls.”

September 24, 1963

A Weyerhaeuser Co. logging crew bus with 21 men aboard lost its brakes, sped down a hill and overturned on a curve yesterday afternoon but no one was seriously hurt.

The accident occurred on a company road two miles off the Newskah Road. Three men were taken to Aberdeen hospitals by the New Aberdeen Garage ambulance and a number of others went for treatment later under their own power.

25 years ago

September 23, 1988

It seems in whatever part of the world Jacek Lerych finds himself, he has little trouble getting work — or speaking to the natives, for that matter.

At Grays Harbor College, he’ll teach the languages of the Pacific Rim.

The 26-year-old native of Poland studied languages in China and Pakistan during a trip criss-crossing the globe a few years ago.

The University of Warsaw graduate will teach Chinese, conversational Japanese, Spanish and English.

September 24, 1988

• When the fire bell rings Sunday, it won’t be calling the volunteer firefighters to duty.

The familiary sound instead will ring in honor of the 26 men who had answered its beckon so many times.

“It’s kind of our way of saying thanks,” says Cosmopolis Volunteer Fire Chief Johnnie St. Louis of the stone monument that will be unveiled at noon Sunday at the Cosmopolis Cemetery.

The 1950 fire truck will be parked in the cemetery with the fire bell that came off the 1926 Brockway on it. “So everyone buried there would have ridden on one of those trucks,” St. Louis said.

• Constructing a doll house version of the historic Westport Coast Guard Station is proving to be quite a task, even for a retired journeyman carpenter. “The parts are so intricate,” said Victor Nordloh, who is building a model of the Cape Cod-style station as a state centennial project.

The model, built on a 1-inch-to-1-foot scale will include 9,000 shingles for siding that Nordloh has cut.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.