World Gone By 9/6

75 years ago, September 6, 1937

When school bells ring tomorrow morning, Valley school students will walk into one of the finest educational plants in Southwest Washington.

The $90,000 structure has been rushed to completion during the last few days to enable occupancy Monday. Opening of school, originally planned for Aug. 30, was postponed one week on request of Contractor S.S. Mullen, of Hoquiam.

The completely new concrete faced structure houses class rooms, laboratories, combination gymnasium and auditorium and heating plant of the most modern design and equipment. It is a work of beauty and utility unsurpassed in Pacific County.

50 years ago, September 6, 1962

• Employing approximately 100 men in the fields and at the permanent vining operation on the old highway near Brady, Chehalis Packing Company is working two 10-hour shifts daily in order to harvest this year’s crop of Grays Harbor peas at the peak of their quality.

The company began vining Aug. 10 with 822 acres, and officials estimate the harvest will be completed next week.

• Plans are under way among members of the six circles of the Aberdeen Methodist church to present a Family Fun Night at the church in conjunction with the annual bazaar Nov. 9. A buffet dinner will be served from 5:30 to 7:30 with a varied menu and per-family pricing.

The Children’s Fun Frolic will be conducted throughout the church gymnasium.

Bazaar booths will offer a wide variety of items for sale, many under $1. A bookstall, a pastry booth where seasonings and napkins will be found, a garden shop, candy shop and apron park are among the features.

25 years ago, September 6, 1987

• A steady breeze ruffled the surface of the pond and sent a sailboard with its brightly colored sail skimming over the water.

It’s a scene most likely not envisioned by the county commissioners when planning a county park in the flooded gravel pits south of Elma, Nevertheless the new Vance Creek Park is one of the best places around to learn the fast-growing sport of sailboarding.

The pond’s water is warm enough that a full wetsuit is not needed and there are usually no boats to dodge or large waves to cope with.

John Walcott of Westport and Dave Alwood of Hoquiam were taking turns sailing Walcott’s sailboard on a recent sunny afternoon. Walcott said he and Alwood come to the park a couple times a week to perfect their skill.

“The first time we came I fell 40 or 50 times,” he said. “Now I’m down to one or two.”

• The Ace of Clubs of Grays Harbor subdued two tough opponents but fell to a third in the Western Area National Class B Slow Pitch tournament in Salem, Ore. Saturday. Still alive in the double-elimination tourney, they face a loser-out test this morning.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.