QA Hoquiam Council — Greg Grun and Harold Delorme

The Daily World is running a question and answer series with the candidates for Hoquiam City Council.

Gregory Grun

Grun, 59, owns and works as a pharmacist of Crown Drug in Hoquiam. He has served on the Hoquiam City Council for 14 years. He is married with five children.

Why are you running for Hoquiam City Council? What makes you a good candidate for the job?

I feel that I would be a good candidate for Hoquiam City Council because of my continuing history with the City of Hoquiam as a life-long citizen, and as a member of the city council for 14 years. My knowledge of the area, my experience with city operations, and my familiarity with a large number of citizens make me an excellent candidate. I have observed the members of this community through my employment as a pharmacist at Crown Drug.

In recent months, the Hoquiam City Council has passed rate increases for water and stormwater. Wastewater rate increases could come before the council soon. What’s your take on rate increases to replace infrastructure?

I am opposed to any further increases for waste water because of the recent considerable increase of rates within the last two years. When the waste water plant was built in 1980, it was funded through timber sales from the city’s watershed, so I would recommend using the past practice of funding through timber sales to upgrade the plant instead of raising rates.

Crude-by-rail has been a topic of debate in the region for a while. What are your thoughts?

On the one hand, I favor crude-by-rail because of the potential for local employment, but on the other hand, my primary concern is for the safety of Grays Harbor citizens. So until I am convinced that safety measures are enforced by the government, and the infrastructure of the rail, and tank car design is upgraded, I can not support crude-by-rail.

The city has been taking steps to revitalize downtown in recent years, with sidewalk replacements and the creation of a historic district among recent projects. What would you like to see happen in downtown Hoquiam?

I would like to see Hoquiam’s water front developed for both its citizens and tourists by creating more trails along the water, more places to sit, and more options to access the water. I would also like to see the east side of Hoquiam improved because I believe that is where economic growth will occur, because it’s more accessible to both the citizens of Aberdeen and Hoquiam. Another reason I would like to see improvement of the east side is because it is the gateway into Hoquiam, and presently needs side walks and interest points that present the city in a positive way to incoming traffic.

Challenger Harold Delorme’s name also appears on the general election ballot. Delorme failed to return several calls and emails from The Daily World regarding the questionnaire.