100 years ago in the Washingtonian

April 21, 1913

What would you call Harbor Festival?

Hoquiam and Aberdeen are looking for a suitable name for the annual three days festival to be held hereafter on Grays Harbor, beginning this year in Hoquiam, and yesterday first steps toward conducting the contest for suggestions were taken. Thayer Lamb and F. L. Carman of the Commercial Club’s committee on name met and discussed plans of the contest.

As preliminarily arranged the contest is to close Wednesday, April 30, and the name selected and the name of its suggestor will be announced May 1. Those who have anything that would sound particularly fetching for the festival are invited to get busy and prepare to send in their suggestion. The fulll details of the plan will be announced the middle of next week after the matter can be laid before the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce Tuesday. A substantial reward will be paid the winner.

April 23, 1913

West and Slade Buildings Burn

Big fire in Aberdeen —

Several Firms Suffer by Blaze

Hoquiam Department

renders assistance

The building formerly occupied by the West & Slade company, at the east end of the Wishkah river bridge at Aberdeen, was destroyed by fire which was first observed about 6:30 last evening. The flames leaped to the dry kilns of the mill adjoining, but they were saved without loss.

The building was occupied by several firms in different lines of business. Probably the heaviest losers are the Fletcher brothers of the Hoh Packing company, who had on hand a large stock of salmon and meat and who, it is said, carried little insurance.

The West Coast Wire Rope company carried a stock of wire rope valued at about $11,000, well covered by insurance.

The Ovitt-Bigelow company lost its stock of building materials, valued at $4000 and partly insured.

C. O. Swanson’s loss on the stock of goods formerly owned by West & Slade was unknown last night.

Hoquiam’s new motor combination pump performed its first service at this fire and “made good.”

April 25, 1913

Shelton Logger Coming After the Prize Money

“SHELTON, Wash., April 24 — Editor Washingtonian: Dear Sir — I see in your paper where there is going to be a falling and bucking contest on the Fourth of July for the championship of the coast and a good cash prize. If the prize is $1.00 or more we will come down and get that easy money, as Polson or anybody else down there haven’t got anybody who knows very much about falling or bucking. I have worked in most of the camps around Hoquiam and came up here where there are some good loggers. We will be there to take away that money if the prizes are worth going after. Please let us know at once. Yours truly, C. JOHNSON.”

The above letter doesn’t need explanation, it would appear. It amounts to little less than a defi to the Grays Harbor Loggers, especially those in the Polson company’s camps for the contests to be held here during the Fourth of July festival.

When the letter was shown yesterday afternoon to some of the members of the festival committee, assurance was given the Shelton men would not need worry about the amount of the prizes, for they stated large purses are to be offered. It is likely some of the most exciting contests staged recently in the Northwest will be held here this year, with loggers from all sections taking part and the real championships being decided.

April 27, 1913

Many suggestions for name of Festival

There is no lack of original people in Hoquiam and Aberdeen, that is certain, for yesterday’s mails brought large numbers of replies to the call for a catchy name for the annual Grays Harbor Festival. Suggestions poured into both the Hoquiam and Aberdeen committees.

Keen interest is being taken on all sides in the $20 cash prize contest, and already some excellent suggestions have been made. Each person can make as many suggestions as he or she likes, but each should be mailed in a separate envelope. A few of the best thus far follow, Grays Harbor, which appears in each, being dropped to avoid repetition:


Midsummer jubilee

Aviation Festival

Splash! Boom! Buzz!

July Jinks

Log Rolling




Development Festival



Twin City Jubilee




July Jollity

You and Me Carnival

Aqua Festival

Log Jam


A Muse U Festival

Cycle of Mirth




Annual Feast

Twin City Festival

E Pluribus