100 years ago in the Washsie

Oct. 15, 1913

Indian Claims Right To Fish And Hunt

MONTESANO — Based on that old treaty made by his forefathers and signed by them at the mouth of the Quinault river July 1, 1855, Pete Williams, an Indian, will ask the court for an injunction to prevent L. J. Esses, game warden, from interfering with his fishing with a net in the Chehalis river. The suit has been brought for him by W. H. Abel, and it is strictly a law question.

There is no question of the Indian’s right to fish and hunt on the reservation. The courts have decided that point, but Williams claims the right to fish and hunt where he pleases, and it is on this point that he and the game authorities are clashing. They make no objections to his fishing, but as he has refused to take out a licnese, they propose to seize his nets, which point is admitted in the answer made this afternoon by Attorney Nelson.

Hoquiam To Have Veneer Panel Factory

Negotiations are under way between the Commercial Club and E. O. McGlauflin of the Ideal Door company which will result, within a few weeks, in the erection of a fir veneer panel factory in Hoquiam, according to announcement made yesterday.

The new plant will open up a new line of manufacturing in this city and will increase the output considerably. It is expected it will be in operation by the first of the year. A site has not yet been secured and this matter is being taken up by the club officers.

Oct. 16, 1913

New Field Is To Be Dedicated Friday

The first football game on the Heermans field will occur tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. Hoquiam and Auburn will struggle for honors.

While Auburn is reported to have an exceptionally heavy and strong team, Hoquiam though lacking in weight is speedy and well coached and there will be no doubt a snappy and thrilling game.

The following will probably be the lineup for Hoquiam: Halfbacks, Glover and Boyer; fullback, Robert Abel; center, Hugh Miller; guards, Erny Baker, Ronald Crawford and Liewallyn Hartshorn; tackles, George Anderson and Edward Glander; ends, Harold Narranson, Melbourne Levi and Oscar Narrance; quarter backs, Delmont McKinney and Sidney Baer.

Prepare For The Panama Canal Traffic

Importance of at once taking steps to be prepared for the opening of the Panama canal and to be able to handle traffic of this kind from the port were chief matters of discussion at the weekly luncheon of the Commercial Club at the Hotel Grayport yesterday.

A number including Frank H. Lamb, chairman of the port commission, spoke on the question. Mr. Lamb stated the commission is doing its best to arrange for adequate docking facilities for the port and the money that will be available from this year’s tax levy will be sufficient to make a start.

Oct. 18, 1913

Spruce Lumber To Be Used For Flyers

That the spruce of Grays Harbor may be used in the building of aeroplanes for the use of the German army is indicated by a shipment of a carload of spruce planks from the Bay City mill a few days ago.

Some ten days or more ago two inspectors of the German government came to Aberdeen and entered into negotiations with Anderson & Middleton, who own the Bay City mill, for a sample shipment of spruce. Two inspectors came for the reason that the German government wanted the opinion of the two men so as to be absolutely certain.

The spruce was taken from logs first carefully looked over and then each board or plank 3x8, were more carefully examined. The inspectors were duly bound to see that no defect, even of an infinitesmal character should be permitted to pass.

As spruce of Grays Harbor is used in sounding boards of pianos its value for airships is conceeded. The carload will be carried to New York for export to Germany.

“Circus Jimmie” To Visit Another Fair

MONTESANO, Oct. 16 — “Circus Jimmie” the well known Indian of the Quinault agency, was in Montesanao today on his way home to Taholah from Pete Williams’ place on the Chehalis river. He says he is going to spend the winter making 300 small and large totem poles and small Indian canoes. He plans to sell these as curios at the Panama-Pacific exposition. Jimmie has been digging potatoes and his old war canoe was loaded down with potatoes, apples and fish — supplies for the winter months. He will paddle down to Hoquiam and from there take the train to Moclips.