$100,000 bail over threat to prosecutor

A 47-year-old Montesano man showed up to his pre-trial hearing on his own, but left in handcuffs after allegedly threatening a prosecutor. He was held in contempt of Grays Harbor Superior Court and sent to the Grays Harbor County Jail with $100,000 bail.

Rodney F. Bryson, 47, was charged with custodial assault and third-degree assault charges. The hearing was conducted without incident, but Prosecutor Jason Walker asked Judge Gordon Godfrey to call the case back. Standing well out of arm’s reach of Bryson, Walker said Bryson told him, “If I continued to mess with his business, he was going to burn my a**.”

After Bryson responded with a profanity-laden comment regarding what he felt were lies about him, Godfrey revoked his release and found him in contempt. His initial charges stemmed from an incident where, during the course of an arrest for malicious mischief, Bryson allegedly spat in the face of a community corrections officer, and then the spittle splattered onto an officer with the Aberdeen Police Department.