Aberdeen firm begins construction of Monte grandstands

MONTESANO — Rognlin’s Inc., of Aberdeen has begun construction of the new grandstands at Rottle Field.

The Montesano School District signed a contract with Rognlin’s last week after the Aberdeen construction firm was awarded the grandstands contract during a special meeting of the Montesano School Board.

The original 1940s grandstands burned to the ground in September of last year. Even with the blow to morale the fire caused, the Montesano football team still won a state championship last season.

Rognlin’s bid of $1.648 million was less than the engineer’s estimate of between $1.8 million and $1.9 million.

Rognlin’s had the lowest bid of four bidders.

Montesano Superintendent Dan Winter said that just because the bid came in under expectations, it doesn’t mean the School District will be able to use the extra funding to do extra work on the grandstands.

“The insurance company was very pleased it would be less,” Winter said. “They agreed to pay for the project based on their scope.”

Construction isn’t expected to be complete until sometime between September and October.

Winter is cautiously optimistic that the defending state champion Bulldogs football team will be able to play at least one game at Rottle Field next year. However, the chances of the field being done by the start of the season are not so good, Winter said.

Once the school year ends this week, Winter said there won’t be much of a need to use the field.

However, Winter said the contract called for the construction company to keep equipment off the field so it can be maintained for use by teams.

Winter said it’s possible that some junior high and JV football could be played on the field while construction is happening. Parents would just need to stand along the sidelines.

The district had been borrowing some bleachers from the county fair, but those were turned in after the football season ended.

Winter said the district is pleased the contract went to Rognlin’s because it’s a local company and the dollars stay in the community.

The district has also worked with Rognlin’s before. The construction firm built Simpson Elementary.

Montesano Community Development Director Mike Wincewicz says the city has already issued the permit for the grandstands.

“We didn’t want to delay on this by even one day,” Wincewicz said. “The permit is here for the district to pick up when they’re ready.”