Aberdeen library furniture will get a new look

New washable slip covers will soon adorn the seats at Aberdeen Timberland Regional Library, covering worn upholstery, Library Manager Christine Peck said. The furniture is still solid and recovering it is the most frugal option, she said.

The cost is estimated at just over $24,000 and is covered by the Kathryn N. Sherk Bequest Fund, as administered by the Grays Harbor Community Foundation.

The covers will be done by local firm Holcomb Upholstery.

Work will also begin on a $121,000 project to upgrade the heating and air conditioning system at the library as well. Seven heat pumps will become eight, as the large one is turned into two, which will work more efficiently to heat and cool the building, she said.

That project is also funded by the Sherk Fund, through the Grays Harbor Community Foundation.

Sherk began investing when she was 18, was a lifelong supporter of the library and was close to Ina Smit, a past president of the Library Board and Rosalie Spellman, the former library manager, Peck said. Sherk left a long-term bequest to be used for capital improvements to the library.