Aberdeen mom gives birth to triplets

Savanna Ivy of Aberdeen gave birth to three healthy triplet boys Monday evening via cesarean section; Jonah Adden, 5 lbs 10 oz; Mattan Alexander, 5lbs 11 oz; and Jairus Liam, 6 lbs. They were born at Community Hospital in Aberdeen. The triplets have three siblings: sister Maddison, age 7; brother Josiah, age 4; and brother Mikaaiah, age 3. Ivy was working full time at the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino one week prior to delivery.

“Ivy and the triplets are doing well and resting as much as can be expected with triplets,” said Dr. Carey Martens of Coastal Women’s Health, the attending physician.

Martens led a team of Grays Harbor Community Hospital staff to deliver the triplets. Because triplets are considered a high risk pregnancy, Martens worked with specialists in Tacoma prior to their arrival.

“The specialists in Tacoma were very confident with our skills as physicians and those of our team in the Family Birth Center, so it was decided to deliver the babies here in Aberdeen,” Martens said.

The team included two OB/GYNs, an anesthesiologist, three pediatricians, two respiratory therapists and 10 nurses.