AG restores full-time open government attorney

OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced his plan to restore the Open Government Assistant Attorney General to a full-time position Monday, with recruitment to start immediately.

Ferguson made his announcement to the state’s Sunshine Committee. The Open Government ombudsman position was created in 2005 to improve access to government information, but was cut to half-time in 2011 because of budget constraints. The attorney serving in that role was assigned to represent the state’s legal division the other half of the time.

“In the interest of promoting open, transparent government, I have decided to invest in a full-time open government ombuds position that serves the public, media and government agencies on open government issues,” Ferguson said in a press release. “Government is better served when the public is informed and able to engage in our democracy — and government agencies better serve the people when they fully understand and follow open government laws.”

Ferguson said he hopes to fill the position as soon as possible. Recruitment details are available at