APD helps disturbed woman with knife

An Aberdeen Police Department captain’s intervention may have helped save a woman’s life Friday.

Capt. Dave Johnson was driving in the 200 block of North Boone Street when he saw a 24-year-old Aberdeen woman walking across the Dennis Co. parking lot screaming and pointing at things that weren’t there, according to Capt. John Green. She appeared to be staggering and carrying a large can of beer, Green also reported.

Johnson asked if he could help and that she stop screaming. He noticed the woman had fresh cuts on her upper left forearm and a razor knife in her right hand.

Johnson called for additional officers and the Aberdeen Fire Department after the woman made some incoherent statements and made a slashing motion with the knife across her wrist.

He used his car to block the woman from walking away or into nearby businesses while ordering her to drop the knife. After more officers and Aberdeen Fire arrived, a police negotiator began to talk with her, trying to convince her to drop the knife. She refused, Green said.

The woman had made repeated cutting motions across her wrist, according to officers, but when she made motions with the knife across her throat, an officer fired a “bean bag” round from a shotgun, hitting her in her lower torso. The woman fell and dropped the knife.

She was secured and an AFD paramedic provided aid. The woman was transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital, where she is being treated for her wounds and awaiting a psychiatric evaluation, Green said.