APD issues cell phone, crosswalk citations

Aberdeen Police stopped 36 vehicles and issued 33 citations yesterday in traffic-related emphasis patrols at a crosswalk on Heron Street near Walmart and the Guesthouse Inn, and in the 300 block of East Wishkah.

Police were looking for drivers using cell phones or failing to yield for pedestrians, and Capt. John Green warned that the patrols will continue in other areas.

Of the citations, 14 were for failing to yield to pedestrians, 10 were use of cell phone violations, five were for no proof of insurance, two were driving without a licence, and 1 was a seatbelt violation.

Police noted those were within a three-hour period and there was a sign up that even warned that there was “pedestrian crossing enforcement ahead” with cones on both sides of the road before the intersection aimed at measuring stop times by vehicles.

“We plan on conducting additional enforcement blitzes throughout town when we have sufficient staffing.,” a police memo said.

The next emphasis will be “the law that requires folks to move to the second lane over (whenever possible), or at the very minimum slow down — for the safety of officers/violators on a traffic stop.”