Attorney catches woman fleeing from six-day sentence

An assistant city attorney chased down a woman trying to escape from Aberdeen Municipal Court Monday after she was sentenced to six days in jail.

Assistant City Attorney Forest Worgum joined a corrections officer in chasing Angela Masterson when she fled the courtroom after a judge gave her six days in jail for violating her sentencing conditions for driving with a suspended license and possession of drug paraphernalia.

After the next case was called, Masterson started walking to the door of the court room.

“The six days apparently caused her some concern, and out the door she went,” Aberdeen Police Capt. John Green said.

A corrections officer moved to pursue her, but fell inside the court room.

“I wasn’t sure if someone else was going to be able to go get her, and so I just looked up said, ‘Well I better go get her,’ ” Worgum said.

Defendants in Municipal Court generally aren’t restrained during their appearances, but she did lose her jail sandals as she ran. Worgum chased her outside, catching her just outside City Hall.

“I grabbed her and took her to the ground, and the corrections officer came out, and he fell down again,” Worgum said.

The corrections officer was then able to restrain her and bring her back to court.

Worgum said he’d never chased a defendant before but did have a client make a run for it when he was a public defender in Wenatchee. He didn’t give chase that time.

Now Masterson faces a third-degree escape charge.