A birthday leap

Aberdeen resident Barbara Randich free falls with a skydiving instructor from Skydive Toledo in Toledo last month. The jump was a gift from Randich’s family on the occasion of her 80th birthday this March. She said she was inspired by former president George Bush Sr. who jumped from a plane on his 80th birthday. “I said if George Bush can do it, then I can, too,” she said. “Don, my husband, thought I was completely out of my mind.” Randich said the feeling is difficult to describe. The 35 seconds of free fall is like flying, with the sound of the wind loud in her ears, she said. Then the chute opens and everything is “quiet and beautiful.” On the ground, her four sons and some of their family was waiting. “I wouldn’t be afraid to do it again,” she said. “But I don’t need to. I know what it’s like now.”