Bizarre home invasion in Hoquiam

A man with a handgun and another man with a baseball bat invaded a Hoquiam residence early Saturday morning and kept four people captive for five to 10 minutes, attacking a 21-year-old woman with the bat, according to Hoquiam Police Sgt. Jeff Salstrom.

Two suspects have since been arrested and booked into jail, one in Aberdeen and the other at the county jail.

Salstrom said that the attack was “likely retribution for an incident involving the death of a family member of one of the suspects, which they feel the 21-year-old female is responsible for.” Police did not want to give details, but said the woman is involved in a separate open case involving a death, although no charges have yet been filed against her.

Detectives are still looking for a woman who may have been involved in “masterminding the attack,” Salstrom said. Salstrom said it appears the suspects used Facebook to coordinate the attack and track the victim. If anyone has information regarding this incident, they are asked to contact Detective David Blundred, (360) 532-0892 ext. 109.

The incident occured just after 2 a.m. Saturday when two masked men forced their way into the residence on the 400 block of Karr Avenue. Inside, the man armed with the gun held a 19-year-old man, a 19-year-old woman and a 17-year-old girl captive at gunpoint in the living room of the home, Salstrom said.

The man with the baseball bat then went in search of the 21-year-old woman, who was upstairs, Salstrom said.

Salstrom said she was then attacked with the bat several times. The man then used a can of spray paint to paint over a tattoo on her arm. The tattoo was apparently a picture of the family member who died previously, Salstrom said.

Salstrom said that even though the man with the bat had covered his face, the victim recognized him and his voice and confronted him with his identity. At that point, both suspects immediately fled the house, Salstrom said.

Meantime, neighbors had called 911 after hearing screaming coming from the house. Shortly thereafter, a member of the household also called 911 to report the attack. An officer was on the scene within minutes because he was in the immediate area, Salstrom said.

The victim declined transport to the hospital, but later took herself to Grays Harbor Community Hospital to be checked out, Salstrom said.

At about 7 a.m., Salstrom said that two suspects were found at a residence in South Aberdeen and taken into custody without incident. A 34-year-old Montesano man, whom officers believe was the one with the bat, was arrested for an initial charge of first degree burglary. And a 39-year-old Aberdeen man was booked into the Aberdeen City Jail on outstanding warrants. Salstrom said detectives are still working to link the man to the attacks.