Blake to continue as chairman of Agriculture in 2013

OLYMPIA – Aberdeen Democratic Rep. Brian Blake will remain in his role as chairman of the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee in the upcoming 2013 legislative session.

“I believe a lot of the issues that come through Ag and Natural Resources deeply affect my local constituents,” Blake said in a press release about retaining the position, which he has held for 5 years. “Right now the most pressing concerns in these areas are water for rural property owners, helping our shellfish industry deal with the threat of ocean acidification, and improving the health of our state’s forests, but wildlife conflicts and food labeling issues will also be dealt with in my committee.”

The committee considers issues relating to agricultural production, marketing, and sales; animal and plant disease control; fisheries and wildlife; forest practices and forest fire protection; water; and mining; as well as the management of certain state-owned lands.

In 2011 Blake received the Legislator of the Year Award from the Farm Bureau for championing funding of the Department of Agriculture and the Conservation Commission’s services critical to the continued success of Washington’s agricultural businesses.

Blake also keeps his seat on the Business & Financial Services Committee, which considers licensing and regulation of businesses and professions, issues relating to insurance, banks and credit unions, as well as consumer protection issues relating to motor vehicles, financial services, and insurance.

Blake is also be a member of the Government Accountability & Oversight Committee, dealing with issues relating to the organization and structure of state government, and issues relating to the regulation and oversight of liquor, tobacco, gambling and marijuana.